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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A good day

Novel progress: Edits... almost finished. 2 chapters 2 do, ending to be re-written and then very quick re-read for any small mistakes. Have to Irish my heroine up a bit.

New project to be started real soon (I bloody hope).
Co-novel Progress: Will eventually have the first few chapters re-vamped.
Novella's progress: Both (still) in Epublishers (Same epublisher). Currently waiting for replies to queries.
12-14 weeks iws the turnaround time and dear God it feels like forever. Im on week 14 for both of them so fingers crossed.
Nail Varnish Colour: none at the moment :( I ran out of nail varnish remover - I am a very messy varnisher lol

Music (currently listening 2): 3OH3 - My First Kiss
I had a very nice day today. Went into Crewe went (window) shopping, which i suppose is depressing in a sense but it has been sunny all day. It hasn't been very hot and... it was just a real good day. You ever had one of those days where it doesn't really matter what you have done, you were just happy? I like those days.
What have you done with your tuesday?

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