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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Werewolves wont leave me alone...

So my next project is of the chick-lit genre. I'm up to chapter 3, its going well. Don't have a word count at the moment just know what needs to happen so it could be anything from a short story to a novel, we shall see.

It's veeeery different from writing paranormal (obviously) but its nice, different.

So I was sat at my computer yesterday, getting ready for a good ole heart to heart between my two sisters and...  one of my Werewolves shows up (from my par/rom project).

I tell him to do one and I turn back to the sisters...

He thumps my sisters out of the way and drags his ass into my line of view again. So by now I am wondering what the hell he wants...

Owen: (Standing over Elizabeth as she is typing) Where is my story?

Me: I'm busy at the moment. I will get around to it.

Owen: That's not a good enoug answer.

Me: (Turns to face Owen) Excuse me?

Owen: I said. That's. Not. Good. Enough.

Me: (Crosses arms) Don't you speak to me like that.

Owen: I will speak to you however I see fit-

Me: No you bleeding wont. I am not Pack. You are not my second. You. Do not get to speak to me like that.

Owen: (Growls and rolls eyes) Yeah, yeah. Look, I'm not asking for a fucking novel I just want you to tell the story of one of the most important few weeks of my life.

Me: (Stares at Owen)

Owen: I don't even care how long it is. I think it is only fair.

Me: Oh and why is that?

Owen: Because I'm second in charge.

Me: That's not even a proper reason.

Owen: It's a good enough one. Brendan's my best pal and everything, and yeah he's got issues but... damn, haven't we all?

Me: (Rubs temples) Go away Owen. I'm busy. I have other peoples stories to tell.

Owen: The sisters will be fine. (Folds arms across chest)

Me: Besides the point. New story. New characters. Must be written.

Owen: (Ignoring Elizabeth) Maybe you should change their story a little. If she would have pulled a stunt like that on me I would have kicked her ass all over the place.

Me: This isn't the Pack. It doesn't work that way for them.

Owen: Fucking humans. Seriously messed up. (Stares at Elizabeth) So, you going to write it or not?

Me: You might want to speak alittle nicer to me. I could ruin your life if I wanted to.

Owen: You wouldn't. (Smiles) You like me too much.

Me: (Laughs) Not that much, I don't.

Owen: (leans down, placing hands on the arms of Elizabeth computer chair until they are eye level) I will be real... nice to you...

Me: Don't think you can win me over MacLaren. I know all your tricks.

Owen: Not all of them (winks)

Me: (Pushes Owen away) Will you leave me alone if I do? I really need to get on with my other stories.

Owen: (Straightens) I swear I will leave you alone if you do it and get it written soon. (Toothy grin) Scout's honour, flower.

Me: Fine. (Turns back to computer) And don't ever call me flower.

So needless to say I have to write his damn story because if I don't I will not be able to get on with my chick-lit project. I will never be able to write anything ever again without him stepping into view.

F*%$!@g Werewolves! They wont leave me alone.

So, the short story is set before my Paranormal Romance. Two new leads. I am going to put it on its own little page as a free read. I may not be published but damn it I am a writer and there is no point writing stories if they are never going to get read. Right?

So look out for "She-Wolf" coming shortly.

Owen: (standing over Elizabeth's shoulder) Why the fuck is it call She-Wolf?

Me: You know why it is called-

Owen: It makes me sound like some pansy-ass sugar fairy.

Me: (Looks up at him, smiling)

Owen: (Studies Elizabeth) What are you up to?

Me: Nothing.

Owen: You've got that weird glint in your eye. (Alpha stare) What the fuck are you up to?

Me: (Rolls eyes) You want me to write it? (Owen nods) Go away then or so help me God Owen, I will make you... gay.

Owen: (Jaw tenses. Eyes flood silver.) You wouldn't dare.

Me: Oh wouldn't I?

Owen: It would ruin all your plans.

Me: That's the beautiful thing about being a creator baby, I can recreate until it all fits. (Evil laugh)

Owen: (growls) Fine. But you better tell them it isn't called She-Wolf because of me. (Skulks off)

Me: She-Wolf is in no way related (or a cute nickname for) Owen.
(Recieves txt from Owen) For God-
(Reads txt aloud) Owen's the man. He loves women. Adores them. That's a damn promise.

The title will make alot of sense once you read it.

(Txts Owen back...)


  1. OMG, that was just too funny. People are looking at me at work wondering what the heck I'm doing. Can't wait to read it!!

  2. Now you made me all curious and it just got worse when there was "She-Wolf" to click on ... and then a picture?! *grumbles*

  3. Owen is a sod. Drives me crazy lol

    Shouldn't be to long till it's done :D

  4. The name Owen always reminds me of owl, or oven. It's a strange name.

    Anyway, the picture strikes me as a vulnerable woman, hugging herself for protection.

    Oreoparris, it sounds your work is not as much fun as one might hope it would be. Hopefully Owen's story will be as funny as his fight for Loz' attention. ;)

  5. lol yeah it is an odd name but it's... Owen. It fits him on a number of levels lol