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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Growing up - It's a Bad Fairytale

In two weeks I am 22 years old. Its crazy. Mainly because, even though ive always had a basic idea what I wanted to do with my life I never really saw myself older than a teenager lol

My mother use to say to me "Once you leave high school time will fly by."

I thought she was lying. School dragged. I hated it. Hated going. Hated being a teenager. There was no way time was going to fly once it was over.....

Six years later and dear God, all I can think is "where the hell has the time gone?"

Is it just me or does it feel like that to you? I mean come on, 5 more months and its christmas again : |

I was talking to my bff the other day (the one who has just had her first baby - which is wicked but there you go again, I have known her since she was 7 and now she is a mother herself...) and she was telling me that when she was a child she use to think that when she got to 16, the bank would give her a handbag full of money. That is how she thought it worked. You grow up you get money. Simple. - I wish.

I on the other hand use to stare at all my older relatives and think, "I'm going to be one of you one day," but the funny thing is I never expected it. Its like growing up is a bad fairytale, you know it will happen but you dont really believe it will. Its to crazy in a sense, you are always you. You're just getting older and your body is going through changes. Mind boggling.

I'm not scared of getting old. Im looking forward to seeing what happens in my life but it does startle me when I see those I have grown up with, reaching milestones and doing all the adultish things we knew we would probably do.

I think you realize how much changes and how quickly life goes when you watch other people.

So, what freaks you out most in life (or about life)?


  1. LOL. I know what you mean although I am a "bit" older than you. I will be 35 in a few months and I wonder where time went. Every once in a while I forget how old I am and its like "what, I'm not in my 20s anymore?!? I work in healthcare and when I look at patients' ages and I see 1996 I just shake my head and think "I graduated college the year they were born..WTF" **shakes head**

  2. Well hunni you know what they say...
    "You're as young as the man you feel." : P lmao

    35 is still young but I do get what you mean. When you step back and look at what year it is and try to calculate how long ago you were doing this... that and whatever else... its really freaky how fast time goes.