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Thursday, 30 September 2010

BIG news

I have recently recieved some AWESOME news!!

The first* thing I ever wrote was an experiment to see if I could write a decent story. Decent being the key word. Any way, while my lovely beta readers were going through it... I wrote two novellas.**

BOTH of my novellas have been accepted for publication by the brilliant Blade Publishing... (takes a moment to squeak like the excitable woman she is.)

I am so PSYCHED!!

I don't know what I am allowed to tell you at the moment, I will find out if I can give you a tad more detail on each of the stories (or which ever one we're working on first.) But for now I will stick to the basics.

These were the first two things I ever wrote, so, I know for a fact I will be cringing during the editing process. But God bless the fact that stories need to be edited because I am desperate to smooth and tweak the hell out of both of these stories.

The first novella I wrote is - you guessed it! - a paranormal/romance.

Now, I know fallen angel stories (or general angel stories) have been around for a while and they have become the new craze, or as some people are saying 'the new vampires', but I have always loved reading about them, I love watching films about them. I personally believe in guardian angels and angels in general, so I decided to write a story on one. And you can read about this angel over on my page entitled ‘Home’.

I wrote the short story ’Home’ after the novella, they are linked but there is eighteen years between them.

If you do read it you will know straight away he isn’t a guardian angel. He isn’t a grigori. But most importantly (at least to me) he is old school… and that’s all I am saying.

The second novella I wrote is an urban fairytale. It is a modern remake of one of the well known fairytales, but when I say well known, I mean everyone has heard of it, possibly read it or seen it (I know for a fact a version of it will be out at the cinemas within the next year or so) but I personally haven't come across a modern twist of this particular fairytale. I had an idea to modernise it, I wrote it and here we are.

That is all I am giving you at the moment because I don't know how much detail I can share... I love saying that. I do love to tease you all. Mwahahahaha

To celebrate, I'm putting ALL of Owen's POV up and I'm putting it up today!! ^_^ And do you remember the 'poor Owen' blog I posted a few weeks ago?? It was because of this scene... you may or may not agree with the poor Owen comment but we shall soon find out.

Did I mention I am PSYCHED??


* The first story I wrote was my huge paranormal/romance, which I ended up re-writing (I put the first chapter up on the blog ages ago) So I now class it as the fourth thing I have wrote. Confusing I know.

** Technically because I re-wrote my paranormal/romance these two novellas were the first and second stories I ever wrote.


  1. I know I already said it but CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you and can't wait to find out more details x