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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Finished... finally

Hey everyone, Owen here. Elizabeth asked me to do todays blog right before she passed out on her bed... don't ask... she was delirious.

But I was more than happy to do so because it means I get to say hello to all the lovely women!
I also said that I would do todays blog because it meant I got to tell you the great news.... She-Wolf is finally finished. That's right, it's bloody done. And I am happy to say that it has finished at a grand total of... drum roll please... 75,000 fucking words. Oh hell yes!

She's been giving me bloody ear ache for the last two months... "It was suppose to be a short story Owen. Why do you and Clare have to be such pains in the ass?"

She fucking loves us really. It might just take her a while to realize it. She's only stressing because She-Wolf is actually a prequel to that paranormal book she is always going on about - don't panic, I'm in that book as well. It just isn't my story. - So, I naturally told her to shut the hell up.

Oh, she also meantioned something about a competition...

Kat, you sweetheart. I would have been happy with 90k myself but I don't think Elizabeth is going to be speaking to me for a while so the chances of another 15k appearing aren't looking so good. I could pester her about it though...

Orreo, you haven't embarrassed yourself. Elizabeth thought the final word count would be 60k and naturally as she has said repeatedly - like the parrot she is - she also thought it was going to be a short story. I told her she was fooling herself but she didn't believe me... that's why she now owes me a tenner.

Since it was just the two of you who entered and you were both 15k off in either direction I will make sure you both get a little something for at least guessing. Just send Elizabeth an email with your address, and tell her I said you both won.


Well if you will excuse me ladies, I have... somewhere... I need to be.


  1. Weyhey, congrats!! Will do :D

  2. OMG, you make me laugh!!! Glad this "short story" is just a prequel to another BIGGER story. Can't wait, and thanks!