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Sunday, 12 September 2010

On giant spiders, bad days and addiction


Come downstairs. Spider. But not your average house spider, oh no. We live in the country and in the country everything is supersized. This was a country housespider and he was a BIG son of a beep. He was the size of my cats faces and my cats have fat faces. He was BIG. Cats eat spiders though so amen for the Cats.


Bad day. Do you ever get up and feel irritated? Or just in one of those weird funks that you dont know whats wrong but something really is. Needless to say no writing got done, I wasn't in the right frame of mind, which just irritated me even more.

Addiction. I got Sims 3 Ambition (smiles) They didn't have world adventures but I'm trying to win that on ebay, but 'ambition' ROCKS! I love the sims, its my addiction. My really bad, time consuming addiction and it's what I play on when I need my brain to melt into mush - which sometimes I do.

I played it on saturday evening and I now feel a million times better and... and... I'm currently taking a break cos I just wrote 1,100k and Im going to do more later. Wooo. God bless the sims 3!


  1. I feel the same about my Beatles rockband on the Wii! And for the days where things just suck, there is House of the Dead overkill! Nothing makes you smile more than shooting up some zombies while the characters curse more than a trucker! Love that game :)

  2. Hehe I like to shot monster in games, but I dont own any shooting games. Will have to buy some.

    Well I won sims 3 world adventure :D so I is very happy at the present. I also managed to write another 1,600k the other night. Sims is a magical game :D lol