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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I really wish I had something fun going on so I could give y'all some interesting blogs every day (or at least every two days) I'm not liking having these gaps.
I'm afraid I'm just going to have to give you updates:

She-Wolf: Now at 43k : |  I have said it a million times but... believe it or not this was suppose to be a short story. 12k at the very most.

Owen: (Smiling due to word count) 12k wouldn't have been enough any way, so you might as well admit it, you can't get enough of me.

Clare: (rolling eyes) Please tell me I get to hurt him?

Me: We shall soon see... but I'm sure I can figure something out. (Grins at Owen's scowl.)

Other Work: After many rejections, my co-author and I have started to re-write the beginning of our book, so we are slowly getting on with that. All my concentratiom is on She-Wolf (I want to finish it and I don't know when it will end lol)

Since starting She-Wolf (which I started in the middle of another the project because Owen wouldn't leave me alone - as you no doubt remember) I have had two ideas for stories that I desperatly want to play with. Not to mention an idea for a scene for a story idea I had before christmas last year. As usual I had to just write the ideas in my writing journal and shut the book.

I - personally - can only fully concentrate on writing one story at a time, because if I start something I will finish it, but I don't want to become distracted with one story when I need to spend an equal amount of time with the other. (Sighs) So I wait until current story is finished then I pick an idea out of my journal and begin planning.

The only problem is I don't know which one I want to write next because I like the idea of all three of them. Feel like helping me choose?  Look to the left of this post... of the post, not the computer... (I bet you did as well haha) Scroll up a bit, there is a poll, so you can help me decide what I should try next. Think carefully though because you only get to click once. (At least I think you do. We will soon see lol)

Sims 3: I won the world adventure expansion pack on ebay. (Dances) But I shall not will only play on it when I have finished at least written my daily quota, possibly more. So as long as work is done then I am free to play a little, right? Right?

Misc: I figured out I can make videos on my computer ^_^ I know that sounds daft but it was originally my brothers computer and I bought it off him and I'm still just figuring out half of the stuff it can do. So I have been playing, alas I havent really got the knack for making little film strips but maybe that will change.


  1. I am all abpout the Paranormal Romance lately, although the YA intrigued me.

    Good luck with the re-write! Is that the same story that you have had snippets up on the blog?

  2. Hehe the YA (when I get around to writing it) will hopefully be fun (to write and read.)

    No, I haven't put any snips of my joint project up. I might at some point if my co-author is cool with it, we completed the story in March, have been querying it, lots of no's so we're just tweaking it now.