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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ooo sneaky peak

So, far the futuristic/paraormal/romance is in the lead and I have to admit I think I secretly wanted to write that one so wooo.

I had the idea for the story in a dream (as I always do) in nov 2009. So last night I sat down and scribbled down a few ideas. So far I know the followig -

  1. It is set in future earth - so futuristic woo
  2. There is a massive dose of romance
  3. There are paranormal elements
  4. There are Biopunk elements
  5. There is a nice dash of Gengenering/ Artificial Intelligence
  6. (Not all of this can fit on the genre list so we shall see which are the biggest influeces.)
  7. There is a hero who is the leader of a 'special' group - he'a a little rough around the edges but it's all good.
  8. There is a heroine who is the best fighter in her entire 'unit' maybe in general - shouldn't annoy her, she has claws (literally)
  9. There is a 2nd male lead (That's right two men, oooh the... torture?)
  10. There is an enemy - a nasty species who are not easy to kill (they never are)
That is all I got so far. I know what my three main characters look like (roughly). I have names for two but not my hero (I'm very picky with names they have to feel right, but in saying that I'm not 100% sure with the ones I got for the other two).

Nothing is set in stone, and I am making notes as I go along. No major planing yet as I am still writing She-Wolf (up to 49k) I am hoping to have that finished by the end of this week. But, I am excited by this new project, it's a little different. I like that.

And just to tease you (hopefully... what? You love it!) I had a small scene pop into my head between the heroine and 2nd male lead. Just the dialogue, the scene is very raw, lacking a few things but it's just a snip of a possible scene. It could change. Not set in stone. I may decide I don't want that type of relationship between them, a million things could happen, so don't take this scene literally it's just a small snip of an idea that may never happen... but then again it might.


"Are you rejecting me?" She watched as the muscles flexed in his bare back. The familiar savage scars she had traced with her fingers so many times, rippled with the movement.

He sighed, grabbing his shirt from the stool. "I have never rejected you Skye, not once, but you have just found out that the man you loved... your fiance," he spit out, pulling the black tank top over his head, "the man you thought was dead for the last ten years, is alive and kickin."

"And your point would be?"

"You really expect me to believe you 'don't give a shit'?" he turned to face her, black eyes locking onto hers.

"Whose room am I in? Whose bed-"

"This doesn't mean shit Skye," he growled.

"Well fuck you to Tyson," she snarled in return, slipping off the sleeping platform and grabbing her top.

"Don't pretend you're hurt. You've never loved me, and I gave up on loving you when I realized I couldn't compete with a dead man."

Damn him to hell. Why did he always have to be right? She pulled her top on, not ready to face him.

"So, I'm saying this as your second in command. As your ow X-lover, but most importantly as a friend." She forced herself to turn and face him, he suddenly looked very tired. "Get the fuck out of my room Skye, and go back to yours." She stepped around the sleeping platform and walked over to him. "We'll still be friends in the morning," he promised, sarcastically. "I just need time alone to kick myself for always doing the right fucking thing." She cupped his face in her right hand and forced his eyes to meet hers. "And too secretly hate him for being alive," he grunted, searching her face.

"Your always going to be my angel, T," she promised, pressing her lips softly to his, before backing away.

"Yeah," he nodded, "and you're always going to be the pain in my ass."


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