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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I wish I had a million pictures of all the mad things I have dressed up as to show you all but I don't. In fact I have no pictures at all of me dressed up for halloween, but what I do have is a picture of me when I was at college, dressed as a frog.

Okay, I wasn't really dressed as a frog, I had a frogs 'head' and make-up on though, as you can see --------->

One of the final things I did on my college course was a scene from a french opera called 'The child and the magical furniture' (at least I think that was what it was translated to). I was cast as the frog. We were told we would get awesome costumes, I was under the impression that I would have some sort of paper mashay head but no, I got fabric and wire (it kind of looks like a toilet seat). The lower piecse was pinned to my top, the top pieces was pinned to my head band, so it wouldnt fall off. And I don't even know why I had to have my face paint as a frogs face when I was wearing the head but... there you go.

I would never actually dress as a frog for halloween because it kind of defeats the point.

And this is as close as I will ever get to becoming a werewolf. I had to play a wolf in a theatre in education piece that was for primary school children. The kids couldn't decide if I was a bunny, a cat or a dog :| one even thought I could have been a fox. Needless to say the fact that I kept singing 'whose afraid of the big bad WOLF?' was not a good enough indication.

So they are the only 2 horrid pictures of me in some form of costume. A wolf is a bigger step towards a halloween kind of costume but... I would never dress up as either. I'm more a banshee or vampire or witch kind of person.

So what is the best and the worst costume you have ever wore on Halloween (or in general)?


  1. Costumes, costumes. Never been much out during Carnival, Halloween is not celebrated where I'm from. What I would dress up next time I got the chance would probably be something geeky like the Doppler effect. Yes, I am a lost cause.

  2. lol well when I was a kid, my mum did parties for me and my friends but I never got to go trick or treating.

    If I was going to dress up this year I think I would probably go for a witch. Simply because I bought some cool boots and a long dress during this year lol use what you got!! :P