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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Heroine Love: Paranormal Style

Heroine love paranormal style!!

Last thursday was my first 'Hero Love' post. Today is my first 'Heroine Love' post but instead of picking one kick ass female I have picked two to talk about.

Rhona Mitra as Sonja in
'Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans'.
 Firstly, I LOVE underworld, but I actually love underworld 3: the rise of the lycans, more than I loved film 1 and 2. I can gladly say that it may have definitely had something to do with the fact I'm madly in love with Lucian (who will be in tomorrows Hero Love post). But I also liked film 3 because we went back to how things were in the good ole days where vampires and werewolves were running free and humans knew about them.

I have to say I like Sonja better than I like Selene. Sonja is like a vamp princess and she is captain of the guards and shejust  rocks with a sword. Princess Knights... are very cool. Plus she is very lucky to be with the delicious Lucian. (What? He is!)

The Werewolves in these films are awesome, old school Weres. Big, beasts that walk around like men. I love it!!

Now the next heroine is from the film Van Helsing. Another film I LOVE. And yeah it has Hugh Jackman in it, the guys is a sheer dream. I am a HUGE Hugh fan which is why he will also be in tomorrows post along with another guy. Oh yes. I am going wild tomorrow with my Hero Love post. Mwahahaha.

Kate Beckinsale as Anya in 'Van Helsing'.

I didn't pick Anna because Kate also play Selene in the first two underworld movies. I picked Sonja because she is cool and then I decided I had to talk about Lucien from Underworld and say what a cool couple him and Sonja make. Then Van Helsing sprang to mind. I saw this film four times as the cinema (I am a geek, yes) but I loved it. I love Stephen Sommers (the director) I am a huge fan of the mummy (you will be hearing about our leading lady and man from me at some point because I love them sooooo much). I loved the idea for this film. I loved draculas crazy wives. I loved Richard Roxburghs version of count Dracula (needless to say I was a little in love with him as the count, might have been the dark hair, the accent and the outfit though.)
I love Anna's clothes, I mean look at them ---->
I loved Karl, Van Helsing's little assistant, he was hilarious. And. And there was a masquerade ball, I mean come on... what more could you ask for???

A Flail
I think what I love about Anna though is her passion. She needs to kill the count in order to set her family free from purgatory, she doesn't really care if she dies, just as long as they can go to heaven. But the part that made me love her as a hero was when Van Helsing saves her from Draculas fangs during the mask ball. Drac tells all his (vampire) guests that this brave man is indeed Van Helsing and what does Anna do when 200 vampires begin to charge she grabs a flail to fend them off. Classic.

If you haven't seen any of the Underworlds or Van Helsing. Do so. They're fantastic. Pure paranormal awesome-ness. Although Rise of the Lycans is the 3 Underworld it is set well before Underworld one so you may want to watch 3 then 1 and 2 but I will leave that choice up to you. And ladies the leading men will be on tomorrows post but you have permission to drool ; P


  1. OK so I am actually gonna disagree with you on this. I LOVE Kate Beckinsale was great in the first 2 Underworld movies, love how she kicks butt. Was super excited when I heard that they were starting to work on the 4th. I did like Rise of the Lycans, just not as much.

  2. I didn't hate Selena, and I did enjoy the story all together through all 3 but I loved number 3 more simple because Lucian was in it. They're doing a 4th one?? ^_^ (runs away to hunt for details)

  3. That's what I heard. It better not be just a rumor. I will be unhappy aboout that. I need some more of kick butt Kate and cute Scott Speedman. Especially after how 2 ended, now that she drank the old guy's blood and can stand sun light. There can be some pretty good story lines in that (and lots of fighting :-P )

  4. Just checked (cos I am sad like that) yes there is an underworld 4, set for 2010 and yes Kate is in it so it is probably set after the second underworld. ^_^ I like scott speedman 2.