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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Horror Films

I have rented five horror films for Halloween (even though I own loads of horrors). I have watched three of them already.

The Dark Place - most recent adaptation of 'the turn of the screw'.

I didn't really like it. It took forever to start and the people were all weird in it.

One last call

 The victims recieve a voice mail of their last moments before they die. The date, day and time of their death is sent through with the message even if the message is sent 5 days before the day of their death. Wasn't bad, I would watch it again.

Prom Night

The most recent one (think it was done in 2008). A school teach obsessed with one of his students, breaks out of jail 3 years after killing the students family and basically kills her friends and ruins her prom night. It was too predictable.

Saving thye last two horrors for Halloween. One is called 'Trick or Treat' - Anna Paquin is in it so hopefully it will be okay.I do like Anna I think she is awesome. And I also rented 'My Bloody Valentine' - yes, I know it is a 'valantine' horror film, but I never got a chance to see it when it was out at the cinemas and I had wanted to. So now I get to, wow. Hopefully it will be good.

Now, as for any other films. My mother loves the old halloween film and the old fog (bangs head against wall). I hate both of them. The new ones are a little better as the stories have been improved slightly, but I'm not a fan. I may force everyone in to watching the first or third 'Nightmare on Elm Street'. The 3rd is my fave but we shall wait and see if I am lucky enough. I haven't seen the new one yet, I have been told the actor playing Freddy is the best thing about the entire film.

My aunt and teen cousin will be joining us this year (both are whimps when it comes to horror). So for my aunt sake I will be putting on the new 'Wolf man' which I went to see at the cinema, love it. I know for a fact I will have my teen cousin stating that 'that isn't a werewolf' all the way through the film. As far as she is concerned if the werewolves aren't giant wolves and vampires aren't attractive and don't glitter in the sunlight... then everyone else is wrong.

But who knows what we will end up watching. They are both freaked out by 'The Others' which has a really clever twist at the end and is not scary just atmosphric more than anything else. Well the possibilities are, from everything I own (I will place any of the films I think are a good watch in italics, in case you're having a film night and don't know what to watch) :-


Bram Stokers Dracula
Underworld Trilogy
Jennifers Body
30 days of night
The Frightners
Blood and chocolate
Witches of eastwick
Interview with a vampire
Queen of the damned
Shadow of a vampire
Fright night
The others
Wolfman (new one)


Scream Trilogy
28 days & 28 weeks later
Texas chainsaw massacre (new one)
The descent
House of wax
Number 23
The uninvited
Sin eater
The reaping
The Wickerman (the original)
The Village
The house on haunted hill
Skeleton key
From hell
Jeepers creepers 1 & 2
The gift
What lies beneath
Ghost ship
Red dragon
Silence of the lambs
Amityville horror
Fatal attraction
The hitcher
Stir of echoes

Awesome films

Sweeney Todd
Nightmare before christmas
Corpse Bride
Van helsing
Sleepy hollow
Edward Scissorhands

Funny films

High Spirit
Hammerhouse of horror
Carry on screaming
Young frankenstein


  1. That's a pretty awesome list you have. Some of the older ones that I have forgotten but where really good...speaking of The Forgotten, have you seen that one? Don't know where it would go in terms of category but I thought iot was a pretty good movie. Loved Julianne Moore in it. Stir of Echoes is one of my favorite movies and saw The Descent in the movies and it scared the crap out of me.

    Great List!

  2. I forgot to add 'american werewolf in london' which was pretty good for it's time.
    I have seen the forgotten, it wasn't bad. Oh, oh, if you like julianne moore you need to see the film shelter, tis very good. Might scare you but you would probably like it.
    My mother loves the descent. And stir of echoes is a really good film, love kevin bacon ^_^