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Friday, 29 October 2010

Trick or Treat?

Trick or treat? Trick... or... treat?

Well, it's friday isn't it? So, it is a tad obvious it's going to be a treat and in the form of the next She-Wolf snippet... ^_^ You love it!! lol

Yeah the stories got Werewolves so it is there with the paranormal and the kind of feel of Halloween but todays post isn't very Halloween-ie is it? So I shall add a pretty picture of some witches, just so the feel is still there.

There, that is much better.


  1. Now that one was wow! It'll be a long week till next Friday...

  2. teehee :P twill be worth the wait though. I promise. Maybe the week will go quickly though.

  3. Holy Crap!!!Did I mention that I hate cliff-hangers (not really) but right now 7 days seems like a loooong time!!

    Nice Job!!!!

  4. Next week will be good. Worth the wait (hopefully). Teehee.