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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hero Love: Constantine

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine in
 I love this movie. I love the story. I love the tiny snips of humor. Angels. Demons. Half-breeds. Mythology. I just love.

I really like Keanu as an actor, I read somewhere once that he has been slated alot by critics.... 'Why people? Why?'

He's had many great and interesting roles... I just think he's brilliant.

I love Constantine's sarcasm, that's my top trait in him. He has cool tattoos and he knows his stuff. What I really would love to see is how he was before this film. Because once or twice you get one of the other characters saying to him... "and you were once john constantine.." basiclaly implying he isnt the same any more. And I would just love to see what he was like before this film. And I also really enjoyed the relationship he has with Angela played by Rachel Weisz (who is awesome). It isn't romance but there is a spark... that teases you till the end and leaves you saying, "kiss, darn it. Kiss!"

Haven't seen it... watch it. It's a whole lot of awesome on a delicious cracker!

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