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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hero Love: Edward Rochester

Toby Stephens as Edward Rochester in
'Jane Eyre'.
I would like to marry this man... Mister Edward Rochester that is, but the fact that I also happen to be fond of Toby Stephens... Well, since they are now rolled up into one beautiful package I guess I do want to marry this man --->

Edward Rochester. Master of Thornfield. Employer of Miss Jane Eyre. Man of my dreams.

Edward has a dark past, full of regret and pain. And as soon as he blows the lid off of it you cant help feel sorry for him. Even though he... technically... lied to Jane.

As a hero he is brilliant because of his inner torture. He's made mistakes... a few of them, and he continues to make them during the story. Each mistake has made him bitter and miserable and you just have to love him for it. He isn't perfect and he knows it, but he is not some big macho tough guy. He is sensitive under althose dark and painful layers.

Toby Stephens as Edward Rochester
You can find these moments in the books but... I really enjoy seeing them during the films or programs. And the moments I am talking about are the ones where you see he actually cares about Jane. Sure he winds her up and pushes her buttons but he only does it because he is trying to figure out how she feels about him. The man has trust issues with woman and that is excluding the fact that he is rich and Blanche Ingraham wants to marry him for his money and land.

The intimate scenes (in book and film) are sweet, heart warming and passionate, and after the build up to these moments you find yourself teary eyed and sighing... but also cheering and chanting 'finally'. Not that Edward and Jane get their happily ever after right away, oh no... more pain and problems and time passes before that moment, but it is a wonderful love story. Jane and Edward are two lost souls that have had an equal amount of pain in their life and... (wipes tear) you will just have to read the book or watch one of the films. It's beautiful.

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