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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Heroine Love: Jane Eyre

Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre in
'Jane Eyre'.
 You might be saying... "Jane Eyre? Really?" but Jane Eyre happens to be one of my favourite books and love stories. My mother loves the works of the Bronte sisters, and we have both been to Haworth (to the village in which they lived) on a few occasions.

Jane Eyre leads a sad life. Her parents die and her aunt is cruel, and sends her to bordering school. Many of the young girls die there due to the poor condition but Jane survives and one day advertises to be a governess at Thornfield hall.

Now to cut to the best bits (and I apologize if any of you have never read or seen it) Jane ends up falling for her employer Edward Rochester (takes a moment to swoon...)

Now, naturally governess and masters... falling in love... big no, no. But Rochester always seeks Jane out. Seeks her advice. Likes to tease her. Pays close attention to her. The man is wonderfully infuriating. Each tender moment they share is then followed by a moment that questions his feelings for her. And just thinking about it drives me insane.

Rochester... I shall talk about tommorrow during his post ^_^

Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre
Jane is so strong willed. She is passionate by nature. And she stands by her beliefs, even though she gets knocked down by... the upper classes and by people who think they are more worthy/knowledgeable/important than her. She is kind hearted and always sees the best in people. She has a mind of her own and will give her honest opinions on any matter and damn... I love this woman. Life is tough and it gets tougher, then it calms a little before she is knocked right back down, but she finds her way out of darkness, makes her own happiness and then... she gets the happily ever after she deserves.

This story has been taken to film and TV on so many occasions, and I have seen a few of them but personally my fave version was in 2007 (I think that was the year) done by the BBC starring Ruth Wilson (above) as Jane Eyre and Toby Stephens as Rochester. They were everything I imagines Jane and Edward to be. They really hit the nail on the head with the characters.

I have seen many great actors play Rochester but they were never... angry? Bitter? Tortured? enough, or they were to brash and arrogant. And for the actress who play Jane, I have seen some who are way too stubborn or have to much pride - which is not one of Jane's characteristics and she states that herself in the book. At the end of the day you take the character and make it your own so if that is how they felt about these characters then fair enough. But Ruth and Toby are it for me, they are the embodiment of Jane and Edward.

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