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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NaNo Snippet

Second day of NaNo. My goal is to write at least 1,500 words a day. If I can do that then I will get to 50k with no problem (hopefully). I got my word count widget over on the right so you can kick my butt if it isn't going up every day.

The working title for this story is 'Stepping Stones'. And just for fun... here's a snip of the first part of chapter one. I don't know how this story is going to turn out, it's a chick lit story. Chick Literature is a tad out of my comfort zone but I liked the idea. So, we shall soon see what happens.


Chapter One

It had started with a phone call from Jessica, my younger sister, announcing that she and Matthew had finally set a date and she wanted me to design and make her wedding dress. I had always promised I would when it was finally her big day and it was now time to keep my promise. That was the simple part.

Then she had informed me I was her maid of honour. That piece of information I was not expecting. I tried to coax her into changing her mind and giving the honour to her best friend Stacey, but like the sweet and determined young woman Jess was, she had managed to make me agree. So I am to be the maid of honour. Any other sister would be thrilled. For some reason, I’m not.

I am happy for my sister and Matthew, but the thought of trying to excuse myself from the wedding all together… well, it had slammed against the walls of my brain a few times over the last four months. And I am ashamed to add, repeatedly. But I couldn’t do that. Not to Jess. She was my baby sister and it was going to be her special day. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I couldn’t. I would never forgive myself.

So why do I keep having the over powering urge to fling open the train door and jump?

I was watching the passing scenery gelling together. Turning into nothing more than flying colours as the train to Penzance took me further away from the hustle and bustle of my busy London life. With each second I could feel my heart sinking lower and lower into my stomach as the carriage gently rocked from side to side. I just had to get through two days and then I could go home, back to my life, far away from the end of the world.

I closed my eyes and rested my head back against the seat, holding the tears back.

What kind of a sister am I? It was bad enough that I had delayed coming until two days before the wedding. Now I wanted to cry like a silly child, just because I had to go somewhere I didn’t want to.

“Stop being stupid,” I mumbled silently to myself, taking a deep breath and looking back out of the window.

The sun was slowly creeping downwards trying to hide its face behind the passing hills. Hiding the way I wanted to. The way I had been. It wasn’t even five in the afternoon. Typical of Jess to want to get married in winter.

“The magic of Christmas.” She had laughed down the phone when she told me she was getting married in December. My sister, the young romantic.

My mother had phoned early this morning demanding I stay in my family home instead of going to a hotel. Reluctantly I agreed. Truth was I missed her… and my father, even though I knew he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut for the duration of my stay. They would probably try and make me come back for Christmas.

It was going to be a long and uncomfortable stay… and I only had myself to blame.


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  1. I guess no vampires jumping out in this one :) I am looking forward to seeing a different style from you. Off to a good start.

    And Good Luck!

  2. :( No. No vamps. No Weres. Hopefully I will pull it off okay (fingers crossed). Thank you.

  3. Ohh, don't dwell on the lack of supernatural, it's a good read so far!