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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

12 books I cant wait for in 2011

The books that I can't wait for next year, in order of their release.

My Fair Succubi - Jill Myles
River Marker - Patricia Briggs
Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers
Blood Sin - Marie Treanor
The Darkest Secrets - Gena Showalter
Magic Slays - Ilona Andrews
Sanctuary Redeemed - Moira Rogers

Deeper than Midnight - Lara Adrian
Bond with me - Anne Marsh
Spellbound - Kelley Armstrong
Heat - Jill Myles
Heart of steel - Meljean Brook

What books are you looking forward to next year?


  1. Good list! I would add Gini Koch's Alien in the Family and Cat Adams' Demon Blood. Also love JA Saare and she has 2 books coming out in 2011. Highly recommend them!

  2. I think I shall have to have a little look-see at those books :P