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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

12 films... I didn't get to see in 2010

All the films that I didn't get to see this year, but I shall be getting my hands on them to watch as soon as possible.

Harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 1

Have all the Harry Potter films. I'm a fan of the films, didn't really enjoy the books. But the trailer looks awesome, and I have heard that it is a pretty darn good film.

The last airbender

Want to watch! Want to watch!

Jonah Hex

Looks very interesting.

Iron man 2

Loved the first one. Love Robert D. Jr.

A nightmare on elm street

I have all the originals. Freddy's my fave old school horror character and I heard the new guy does a fab job of him.

Percy jackson and the olympians: The lightning thief

Mythology! I heart it!

The book of Eli

Trailer looked good. Plus Gary Oldham is in it.

Knight and day

Looks really funny.


Looks interesting.

The chronicals of Narnia: Voyage of the dawn treader

Haven't seen the second film yet, which I want to. As well as this one. Ben Barnes... (swoon).


Wanna see! Wanna see! Wanna see! Love Cher.

Looks really good. The original wasn't bad, the idea and story were interesting though so it will be fun to see what they have done with this version.

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