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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Heroine & Hero Love: Trinity and Neo

Plans have changed a little and I'm headed to see the family early so Heroine and Hero Love is being thrown together today. And what a duo... Neo and Trinity.

Keanu Reeves & Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo & Trinity in
'The Matrix Trilogy'.

I love the matrix (trilogy). Love the idea, the story plot, the world, all the characters. I could watch all three films over and over again. In fact I have done, because for the last three nights the films have been on (dances). So I just thought Trinity and Neo would be groovy to talk about since I have to throw the two blogs together again.

Trinity is just kick-ass. She has the most awesome stunts, brilliant lines, and she totally rocks leather. I, personally, see her as a Tom-boy - who is uber sweet with Neo once they do hook up - but I just think she is ice cold coolness. The one thing I have to say is that I would really love to learn more about Trinity's past, learn what she did inside the matrix. Hmmm... maybe one day I shall find out... hopefully.

Neo... comes into his own by the end of the first film, but he is a hero who keeps growing right to the very end. He's just an average guy doing his thing and then BAM he finds out he's the one... how the heck do you deal with that? He deals. Oh he deals! He kung-fu... slow motion... cool gun slinging... superman flying.... deals with it. Fighting agents - Hugo Weaving! Awesome! I love his voice! He's so cool! - many agents... jumping around buildings... fighting using one arm. Just one. He isn't macho, and he is actually very quiet... almost a cool kind of geek.

Together... they rock. They rock the fighting in all forms. And they rock the leather real good.

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