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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Hero Love: Kick-ass

Aaron Johnson as Kick-ass in 'Kick-ass.'
I noticed that my heroine love post leaked over on to thursday. (Tut, tut to me.) I went and posted it and stupid past midnight, honetsly, what am I like?

Any way....

I suppose that fact that Kick-ass is just your average, geeky, comic book loving guy - should I say teen? - who decides he wants to be a 'super hero' is the appeal. He decides he wants to start helping people and he does. And see he has no super powers to heal him nice and quick... Like batman he wears the bruises and the scars he receives from the fights he gets into. And man do they look painful.

He isn't buff . He isn't a skilled fighter. He is just a crazy guy who woke up and decided he wanted to start kicking the asses of people who push people around. Basically he just wings everything he does. Madness, but he is such a cool character, and a hero in his own right.

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