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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Heroine Love: Brigitte

Emily Perkins as Brigitte in
'Ginger snaps'
 I have only seen 'Ginger Snaps'. I haven't seen the second or the third films yet. I liked the story of the first film, I liked how they linked lycanthropy to a problem that all females have.

Brigitte, isn't your typical Heroine, but she is one none-the-less. She is a teen, who hates life and everything it dishes out (we've all been there, right?) Her sister is attacked and dragged off by a wolf, only to begin changing. Brigitte loves her elder sister Ginger, and would do anything for her. She tries to find a cure. Tries to stop Brigitte from hurting and killing people. Helps her cover up the mess. I for one think - although there is a small argument or two between the duo - she has the pacience of a saint.

I love my siblings but even I would have knocked them out and locked them somewhere until I had figured everything out.

Brigitte, is your average teenage girl, just trying to deal with life... and then the paranormal. She's just trying to help her sister. She's quiet and a little sad, but what she goes through just to help Ginger - and there is more I just haven't seen it yet - well, she deserves a littler bit of H-loving for that, because even though I haven't seen the next two films. I do know what happens are, damn, the girl has got some guts.

Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) & Brigitte (Emily Perkins)

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