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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hero Love: Zorro

Antonio Banderas as Zorro in
'The Mask of Zorro'
It could be the fact that I have to hots for Antonio. It could be that as this character he is all broody and charming and delicious... I don't really know what it is. I just know I love the Zorro films.

I think the stories are great, witty and passionate. I think there is the right dose of action and romance running along side each other. I'm a big fan of spanish music, so I love the soundtrack to these films. And the cast is just awesome. On screen chemistry between Catharine Zeta and Antonio... (melts) Love it.

I think what makes Zorro the hero he is, is that he is a fighter for the people. (Kind of like batman) He isn't some X assasin or military man or anything of the sort. He's just a civilian, who met a guy in a bar and that guy taught him how to fight. And come on... Anthony Hopkins as the original Zorro... I mean wow. Anthony rules.

The first film is my favourite out of both of the two, although I have to say Zorro's son in film two - The Legend of Zorro - is just a super cool kid. He kicks butt.

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