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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Accepted and Signed

So you know like I have four things out in cyber world, in editors inboxes (hopefully already being read.)

Well on saturday I recieved an email that made me squeak - literally, and loudly. The awesome Cobblestone Press offered me a contract for my novella 'Razle Dazzle' ^_^ And I am happy to say that the contract has been signed >_< Excited!

So I just have to wait for my Editors notes and the ball will be officially rolling... (Runs around crazy like.)

I am still waiting to hear back from the other three EPublishers - and about She-Wolf : ) - but don't worry, I shall keep you informed. Of course I will, I'm excited : P

Edit: It's Wed, 1:16pm. An I just recieved an email about She-Wolf (which I queried 3months ago) And it was a rejection. But never mind. I am going to run around for a bit and query it again soon.
Edit: two hours later, and I have already re-queried She-Wolf. What am I like? : P


  1. OMG!! Congrats about Razel Dazzle! That is such awesome news. So happy for you. Good luck with the other queries for She-Wolf!!

  2. Thank you! I'm all excited!

    And thank you lol all my limbs are crossed for She-Wolf >_<

  3. Congrats for Razel Dazzle!!! And good luck with the other queries you have going. :)