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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Heroine Love: Lotte

Myanna Buring as Lotte in 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'.
 I went to the cinemas with my friend and her mother watch this movie, and I have to say we were laughing our heads off from start to finish.

It's stupid humor. The characters have the right reactions to everything that happens. (Four girls - on a study trip. Two guys - hiking. Never met before. All staying in some creepy cottage.) For example...

One of the characters is taken by vampires. Lotte states they (the two guys and herself) should go and find her, and her other two friends who have dissappeared. One of the guys basically tells her to f$*^ off.

Why do I find it amusing? Because I would probably do the same thing - and then end up helping any way lol

It's just a mad film, with a funny story, and great lines. And Lotte, comes across as a geek. In a sense she is a bit of a geek, but that doesn't stop her from grabbing some stakes and kicking vampire butt. Even though some of the vamps use to be her friends. She is all girly and shy, yet still manages to decapitate the second strongest vampire. She's a heroine with one foot in the stereotypical box, and one out. What's not to love about that? Plus she has an awesome blue-ish camper van with flower stickers all over it : P

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