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Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday? Already?

It is friday. There is a new snip up >_<

I got a reject for my other novella yesterday, but I'm kind of glad because I have an idea *is cunning*.
So there is just one more reply I need to recieve back -which is for Cranberry Blood - ad then all the four queries I sent over christmas are done.

I re-queried She-Wolf, so I am hoping to hear from the publisher within the next month, and my limbs are crossed that it is good news.

Now on another note, I have to get blood tests done today : | because I have an operation next week, nothing to serious, just getting my tonsil out. But it's the first op I've ever had, so I am a little nervous lol

Any way, snippet. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved the new snippet, so happy to be able to see this story progress. Sorry about the rejection, will keep my fingers crossed for the remaining queries.

    Good Luck with the tonsilectomy! I wonder if you still get eat lots of ice cream afterwards!