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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hero Love: Fletch

James Corden as Fletch in 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'.
 (Yes. He does start the movie dressed as a clown.)

There was no way that I could mention the movie Lesbian Vampire Killers - Yesterdays Heroine Love post - and not mention Fletch.

He isn't really much of a hero, and that is only because he really doesn't want to have to fight the bad guys. He doesn't want to be in the situation with vampires. The only reason he is sticking around is because people keep putting 'guilt trips' on him by saying stuff like - "All of humanity will be doomed!"

He is mister obvious, yet reasonable. Vampires want to kill you, everyone says lets run around kill them. Fletch says let sit safely inside the cottage, that they cant get into unless they are invited, and wait till morning, and then run like the wind. He's the guy that you have in every film that says the reasonable thing to do no matter how heartless it seems. (Texas chainsaw massacre, the new one. The guy with the glasses. Allll the way through the film he is listing off excellent suggestions, which is basically 'let's get the F out of here!' Does anyone listen to him? No. And why? Because people are idiots in those types of movies.)

Fletch is just an awesome hero because he has no social filter, he will say and do what he wants. He's blunt and he comes out with really funny things.

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