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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hero Love: Watson Pritchett

Chris Kattan as Watson Pritchett in
'House on Haunted Hill'
(If you haven't seen the 1999 version of House on Haunted Hill, then this post contains a bit of a spoiler.)

Watson is my fave character in the film House on Haunted Hill, because he basically spends the entire film scared out of his mind, and a little drunk.

Not that I can blame him, because I wouldn't step a foot in a house like that. But he also knows every single detail about it's history, not to mention all the freaky things that have happened after it was a mental asylum.

Despite the fact he sticks to the bar for almost the entire film, and only helps out because he is bullied into it. The fact that he is just your average scared Joe, is brilliant. Realistic. Yeah, okay the others try and figure out how to escape, and in any situation you will have someone like that. But Watson, what can I say, he's that character he states the obvious. He has some funny moments that you can't help snigger at. Sadly he isn't a living hero, but at the very end of the film, when you are sure the surviving two are screwed... Watson comes to the rescue.

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