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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

P is for Pancakes

Okay, I should have technically posted this yesterday since it was Shrove Tuesday but I wanted to give the Kindle comp post a day at the top of the list.

Anyone looking for the competition post do not panic it is just below this post and I have also put a handy little link in the form of a picture to your right -------->

Where were we? Pancakes. Right.

I love pancakes, to the extent that I would probably marry the person who invented them. I love them that much. And I love pancake day, not that I need a special pancake holiday to eat them, but I love the fact that there is a special day in which everyone makes and eats pancakes. I love the fact you can have savoury or sweet, and that you can pretty much eat anything with them. Well, almost anything.

In the pan...

Ready to eat!
I love pancake day so much that I took pictures of my pancakes. Yes, that is how much of a pancake loving geek I am!

That is one attractive pancake!
I hope you all had a fun and tasty pancake day!

On another note it is wed, which means it is heroine love day, but I have decided to stop the weekly heroine and hero love and make it monthly. We already know I'm a big movie watcher and I tend to love a majority of the characters. And the fact that I keep hearting and drooling over this awesome characters is probably getting scary. So, no more weekly loving - unless I am completely blown away by a new film - we will go monthly from now on!

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