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Friday, 11 March 2011


It's friday, the next snippet of Cranberry Blood is up on the snippet friday page. Enjoy.

So like the title says, today's post is a nice little update post for anyone who is interested ; )

Razel Dazzle: I completed my first lot of edits yesterday, and they have been sent back to the editor : P

She-Wolf: I recieved a revise and resubmit request two weeks ago. I have revised and resubmitted. So, just have to wait and see what happens. There is still a 50/50 chance that it could be rejected or accepted.

Other work: I'm still waiting to hear back about my other novella, The Collector, and about, Cranberry Blood. The edits on my co-authored project are done, and we will be querying Watermaker real soon.

Projects: Do you remember the cyberpunk project I mentioned a few months ago? You all helped me pick out some awesome names? I am playing about with that at the moment. As well another two projects. I like all of them but my mind has yet to decide which one it wants to concentrate on first. So for now I am juggling, but hopefully I shall have some interesting? Juicy? Fun? New snippets for you real soon. : P

And Stepping Stones... This story is so very, very different from the things I usually write, so I'm going real slowly with it. I do love the story, but I'm being very careful with it. So that little WIP box might be there for a while. Hopefully the word count will go up at a reasonable rate. I think it's going to be one of those projects that dances on the side lines. Who knows maybe one day I will have a huge brain wave and finish it. One can hope.

Naturally I shall be keeping you updated with everything. Y'all have a brilliant weekend ^_^


  1. Love the new snippet! Can't decide if Brendan is interested in Heather at this point, or just curious. He definately loves the personal questions!

    Good luck on your edits, and am keeping my fingers crossed the others. Hope you get positive responses from the editors.

  2. Hehe that's because he's really nosy... Kind of :P

    Thank you >_<