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Friday, 29 April 2011

Exciting News!!

I've been a touch ill this week. Went to the doctors on tuesday and found out that I have a viral infection :( I have never coughed so much in my life.

But, I have also had some AWESOME news this week! I am soooo pleased to announce that I have received a contract offer forShe-Wolf, from the wonderfull Noble Romance Books! >_< I did scream at my computer, a lot! I shall be sure to keep y'all posted as and when I get news.

Now, to Razel Dazzle, which is going to be released one week today. *Faints* I can't believe how quickly time flys. The competition is still going (in the post below). You have a huge chance of winning a copy of Razel, so by all means, enter, enter, enter. : )

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