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Friday, 10 June 2011

Brain pain, and a mini rant update!

I have come to the conclusion that I am one of these strange people who is a lot more happier when they are completely rushed off their feet. Even if they are tired and stressed, and ready to bang their head against the wall, they're happy. And I think I am one of them. I need a good amount of stress to keep me active, it's insane right? My brain is being a pain! *kicks brain*

I'm working on the second part of Spark. Delaney and Christopher's novella is slowly - so frickin' slowly - coming together, but thankfully there is no big rush for it to be finished.

And oh, you will never guess what... Werewolves are stalking me, again. Oh yes. I am trying to concentrate on Dee and Chris, but because my mind is fully aware of She-Wolf and Cranberry, and there's the small fact that I am in the middle of plotting and playing about with the story for the following book, they are pouncing on me. This time it is May and John. *Head desk*

May and John are actually a very sweet pair, they haven't just rammed in to my brain demanding a story. Oh no. Instead they just wandered in all sweetly with smiles, and just showed me a few moments, ideas. All done with the 'please don't forget about us' expression on their faces. Damn them! So, needless to say I have already sketched out a basic plan for them, jotted piece of dialogue that have sprung to mind. I have no idea when their story is going to get written, but it will, eventually. They wont leave me alone until it has been.

*Cries* I love them all, but why do they have to do this to me when I'm trying to write other peoples stories??

Anyway, I'm waiting for my She-Wolf edits, and I really can't wait to see the cover. I'm literally rocking back and forward because I'm so excited.

Quick reminder - There is a sale on at Cobblestone Press! (Mentioned, with link two posts ago.) And the first part of my little short story for Delaney and Christopher, titled Spark, has its own page, which is listed with all the others at the top of the page under the blog banner.

Oh and new snip up on the friday page : P


  1. Hey, sorry I haven't been around. Things have ebeen crazy. Love the new story, Sparks! Interesting couple, looking forward to see how it progresses. Gotta know why Maggie really left. Can't be mad at Aiden just cause he left, and why did he leave??? Very intriguing.

  2. Elizabeth Morgan11 June 2011 at 22:13

    Neither can I ;) They're a tad odd, which is fun!

    Why, oh why indeed?? : P