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Friday, 3 June 2011


I've been a bad blogger. *Hangs head* I wish I had more to blog about at the moment, but despite cracking on with the writing, things have slowed down a wee bit. And now I have said that it will no doubt speed up.... *pokes and tempts fate* So that is the only reason y'all are getting a lot of silence, and a friday blog every week.

Now do you remeber I said I would post a snip of my new projects as a treat for helping me pick the names of the next leading guy and gal? I changed my mind. I'm going to give you a short freebie story instead : P because heck knows it has been a while since I have done that.

The idea for this simply came due to the fact that I'm stil jumping between the timeline of when the actual novella will be set. A year after they met? Five years? Why not straight away? There are reasons, but in order to figure this out, I did write the moment they first met, but it isn't a full blown story, it is just that, a moment. So I thought "hey, why not clean it and pop it up so you can meet them. Why not actually continue writing these moments - because there is a few - and then I will know which story I need to tell."

So that's what I am going to do folks! I'm going to see how many moments they have, and I'm going to pop em up. So any time you see the word "Sparks" that's the title for the whole lot, and there will be a few reasons for such a title, which you will soon find out. There are three days left to vote for names, and by next tuesday - yes, you will have a blog on tuesday for a change : ) - you will get to read their first meeting.

Friday snip is up. Naturally if you were reading it in one go it wouldn't be confusing, but don't be confused, it's a flashback. There are about five in the story. Very short, all with a point.

So, don't forget to check back on tuesday for something a little new, and... different? You can let me know then >_<

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