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Friday, 27 May 2011

Help me pick the names of my next Heroine and Hero!

Just as the title says, I need your help picking a name for my Superheroine and Superhero. Sometimes names come easy to me, sometimes they don't, and unfortunatley I can't settle on a name for either of my leads for my next project.

That's where you lovely people come in!

On your left you will notice two ickle polls in the side coloumn. All you have to do is vote for the name you like best.

You will notice that I have said superhero & superheroine, it's not a typo. As you know I am a big fan of the superhero genre, and I recently had a little idea for my own set of kick-ass - non-cape wearing - heros. I'm still playing around with ideas, but at the moment they are called woman and man, not very good names.

To help with your decision I can tell you that my heroine doesn't really like her - well lets call it a gift for now
>_< - so she doesn't like her gift, but it doesn't stop her from busting bad guys. She tries very hard to keep her gift a secret, which is actually very difficult, and she has had to make tough decisions throughout her life, but she has just learn to live with it.

My hero loves his gift, and despite how easy it would be to hide it, he doesn't. He isn't strictly a good guy, but he isn't a bad one, and he has no problem kickin anyones butt. He lives byt the motto, "I am what I am, and I do what I do, and if no one likes it, screw em."

To sweeten the deal, I will put up a sneaky rough snip once I have some names for the duo. Sound good?

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. And there is a new snip up on the friday snip page!!

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