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Sunday, 31 July 2011

JRP. Massive spiders. Reviews.

JRP & Massive Spiders

The Noble Romance July Release Party was a hit! Owen, Clare and myself had loads of fun hanging out with y'all, so thank you so much for coming to talk with us. >_<

I did get a little distracted at one point when a spider the size of my face came in to my living room, and the cats were nowhere in sight. Living in the countryside the garden spiders are a million times more bigger than the ones you would find in the city. I don't know if that is due to the air, or what, but this guy was huge. One of those ones with looooong legs. When the cats finally spotted him they chased him under a sofa, caught him, picked him up and dropped him on the floor again. Naturally all cats do this because they like to play, but it doesn't amuse me when they are holding a giant in their mouths. Needless to say they finally ate it *retches* and all was calm once more.

The come in twos though, don't they? God bless the fact I have two cats. As long as they don't bring it to me while I am sleeping, I will be fine.


She-Wolf received 3 & a half stars from Manic Readers, and a nice review.

And I can't remember if I have mentioned it - my mind is all over the place - but Razel Dazzle received 3 hearts from Sizzling Hot Books.

I have put banners and links up on their pages.

News & Competitions

She-Wolf moved from number 4 on Nobles top ten bestsellers list, to number 2 this week. So a HUGE thank you to everyone who has purchased it, I do hope you're enjoying the story. And that you don't want to stab me in the eye with something sharp for being a naughty writer and giving you a little cliffhanger. There are a lot more books in this series and you will be seeing Clare & Owen again, I promise.

The Competition over at H.C Browns & the Comp going on here has still got seven hours before it is over, so by all means if you're feeling lucky why not enter? You could win a copy of She-Wolf or a signed cover flat.

And, you may have noticed the big red banner at the top of the page? The wonderful Stephanie Beck is holding her annual FREAK WEEK this next week. It is a huge scavenger hunt and there are lots of goodies to be won - including a copy of both my books Razel Dazzle & She-Wolf - so if you're interested in taking part, just click on the banner and it will take you to her site. Or click here.

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