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Sunday, 25 September 2011

My World Guest Interview: DC Juris

Today I am joined by the lovely DC Jurdis....

EM: Welcome to My World DC. It is lovely to have you here today : )

DC: Thanks for having me!

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! : ) My name's DC Juris, and I'm a transgender guy who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance. I'm originally from Florida, but I live in Upstate NY. I have four dogs, two cats, and I enjoy long walks on the beach and…er… ::cough:: ::blushes:: Never mind.

1. How long have you been writing for?

I've been writing since before Kindergarten. I wrote my first story in red crayon on the walls of my bedroom.

2. Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

Absolutely. I've never questioned it, and never really wanted to do anything else. Well, there was a brief two or three month period when I was six when I wanted to be a school bus driver, but that ended quickly.

3. What is your favourite genre to read? To write? And why?

I don't really have one. I'll read anything m/m.

4. Who is your favourite author? Fave book? And why?

LMAO You're trying to get a guy in trouble here! Let's just say I have lots of favorites, and leave it at that!

EM: *points at self* Me? Getting you in to trouble? Never! *smiles sweetly*

5. How do you get your ideas?

My characters kind of tap me on the shoulder and say hi. We sit down and talk, and everything flows from there.

6. In your opinion what is the hardest part of the writing process?

Finding time to do it! UGH! I bought a hundred year old house this year, and it's been a major time suck!

EM: You could paint ideas and scenes on your walls? Like back in the good 'ole days... No? Bad idea? *blushes*

7. In your opinion what is the best part of the writing process?

Seeing the final product, the culmination of all your hard work. But honestly, I love the entire process. Even the ridiculous deadlines.

8. Are you a planner or a panster?

I'm definitely NOT a planner. My works flow organically. I'll take notes, but you won't find any index cards or charts in my writing office.

9. Do you prefer to concentrate on one story, or juggle a few?

I'm always juggling a few. Right now on my white board I have 9 WIPs listed.

EM: *eyes bulge* Nine??

10. Tell us about one of the most favourable scene you have written.

My personal favorite would be any of the scenes in "Finding Sanctuary." I loved, loved, LOVED (did I say loved??) writing that book.

EM: You did indeed say loved : P

11. Out of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite and why?

Vincent from "Finding Sanctuary" and Malagan from "Orion's Way" are neck and neck for me. Vincent is just so much fun to write, because he's so scared of himself, but yet so willing to try. And Malagan is just Down. Right. Sexy.

12. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you meet and why?

I hear this question asked a lot, and people come up with some really good answers, but for me - none. I think part of the mystique of a fictional character is that they're fictional. There's nothing "real life" about them. No taint of the everyday world. Wouldn't you hate to meet some hot, sexy hunk from a story, and find out he clips his toenails in bed??? EW!

EM: *gags* Very good point. Next question...

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am! ::chuckles:: I’m always working on something. Right now my Breathless Press editor and I are wrapping up edits on "Orion's Way," my sexy little m/m vampire tale due out this year. Then we'll start on one of two 2012 releases I've got signed with them. I'm also working on all those 9 WIPs I mentioned - two of which will have something to do with zombies, one is the third story for Calliph and Mateo (my shifter couple), there's another Jack and Alan story in the works, and the rest, I think, will all be new faces for you.

EM: *Is still getting over the 9 WIP...* Ooooo Zombies!

Do you have any current release?

I've just had a new release with Breathless Press, called "Relearning the Ropes."

Blurb: When his good friend Julius dies unexpectedly, Marcus finds himself saddled with a new submissive–Charlie. But Charlie comes with a history, and more pain and need than Marcus has ever encountered. Marcus knows he loves Charlie, and Charlie loves him, but Marcus must set aside his old theories about BDSM and relearn the ropes if he wants to be the Dom—and the lover—they both need.

Purchase link: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-relearningtheropes-599429-145.html

Any upcoming releases?

Yep! "Orion's Way" with Breathless Press.

Blurb: Orion is a vampire with a tragic past. After running away from abusive parents at the tender age of sixteen, he was turned by a ruthless elder vampire and forced to torture and sexually abuse human feeders and submissive vampires. Though that's all behind him now, he still lives in the shadow of what he was, and it's cost him the loyalty of Xavier, the human feeder he loves. Malagan is Orion's closest friend--the vampire who saved him from brutality all those years ago. Malagan knows the dominant side of Orion--the side Xavier needs--is still there, lurking below the surface. But if Orion's going to find his way back to who he ought to be, he'll need help. And Malagan is just the man for the job.

Where can readers find you on the internet?

My website is http://www.dcjuris.com/

I'm always on Facebook (damned virtual farm…) at www.facebook.com/dcjuris  and I blog way less than I should at http://dcjuris.blogspot.com/

EM: *giggles* I have to reject the games on facebook, I get to carried away myself. Please no one take it personally if I don't accept a neighbour request. I would never get anything written if I did O_o 

Any advice you would like to give aspiring writers?

Never give up. I recently recycled a three-inch high stack of rejection letters. Seriously - keep at it!

EM: Thank you so much for joining me DC!


  1. Thanks for having me today, hon!! :-)

  2. You're very welcome ^_^ It was lovely to have you!

    Drop by any time, you're most welcome!

  3. Sorry, late to the party. Great interview. Love to get to peek into an author's world!

    I too have a home in rural upstate NY. Good luck with the renovations!

    I look forward to reading some of your work!

  4. Fashionably late, dear ; ) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. KB - Thanks for stopping by! We should get together and see how close we are to one another! One of these years, all us East Coast Authors should do our own little shindig and meet up!