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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A post where I have titled sections

On missing programmes

I'm not a huge television fan. Every now and again there will be series that I like to watch - Glee. Vampire Diaries. Being Human etc. - but naturally that is only an episode or two a week.

Now, I am usually glued to my computer, but since I was on a family holiday weekend last week, I got to watch a little television. A good thing as well since I got to see that the new season of Dr Who was on. I love Dr who! It's cheesy and amazing, and as far as I'm concerned it's one of a kind.

So was I gutted when I realized that I had gone and missed the first 9 episodes of this new series? Hell yes I was!

*Que a Homer Simpson doh!*

I remember being told that it was coming back on. I even remember finding out what saturday the first episode was on, but did I remember to tune in and watch it? Oh no, no, no. Somehow it slipped my mind.

So, this next week, I need to get my butt on to - wonderful, amazing - bbc iplayer and watch the 9 eppy's I missed, so I will at least understand what the heck is happening in the finale next saturday... Which looks AWESOME by the way.

*Grumbles at missing nearly the whole series*

The good news is I saw the advertisement for one of the other series I loved. Merlin. *Happy dance* Yay! Hopefully I will remember that it is coming on and not miss a ton of that.

Surprise visits from... spiders?

As you know, I came home on Monday. Four and a half days away from my computer was painful - sad, but true - and I had some stuff to catch up on. Luckily I got it all done by Tuesday night, because early Wednesday morning, my best friend showed up at my door.

Surprise visit! Which was lovely, because now that I have moved - well, a year ago - I don't get to see her as much as I want : (

We had some yummy food, and watched some films. Talked a lot. Then she saw a spider and things kinda went crazy.

Country spiders are BIG. I don't know if it is the air, or if someone is feeding them steroids, but they are HUGE. Some have been the size of my cats head, and my cats have fairly big heads. Now, as you all know, cats don't kill their prey, oh no no no, they toy with it. They pat it, and chase it, and pick it up with their mouths and bring it to you!

We ran upstairs. Left the cats to play. And I now have no idea if it is alive, and lurking about ready to jump out at me, or if one of my brave boys ate it.... I guess if it ain't the latter you will find out soon. O_o

Edits & Interviews

Got my second lot of edits for The Collector. I am half way through them! *high five?* I shall hopefully have a release date for the novella soon : )

This monday - 26th - I will be over at Ella Jade's blog talking about screaming and writing. Or was it writing and screaming? Hmm. Well, I will be hanging with Ella, and if you have a chance to pop by you will get to read the - rough - blurbs for both Cranberry Blood & The Collector.

Last but not least...

The awesome DC Juris will be stopping by tomorrow to answer a few questions. So please, stop by and say hey : )

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