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Friday, 28 October 2011

Angels/Demons & an excerpt from "Darker Side of Heaven" - KB Cutter

Hey fellow Spook-a-licous peeps! I'm back, thanks to Elizabeth's generosity. And a small donation to her bank account. :-P

I love October. Sure, its the best month to be born in, no disputing that fact -wink- -wink- ! For it not only brings a blaze of color to the landscape or crisp, chill days and nights, but…bone roll please… HALLOWEEN!

This is a perfect setting to focus on other beings that populate the dark recesses of our imagination.

Angels and Demons.

Now, you might be frowning, thinking, yeah I cans see demons, but angels dude, you been sniffing glue?

Nope. I eat paste, but that's another story for another blog.

The paranormal genre plays host to conventional supernatural beings, Vamps and Shifters to name the top two, however, Angels and Demons are winging their way into the hearts of readers and cinema lovers.

Angels are often thought of as protectors, righteous guardians of humanity, which for the most part, is true. Now, a there is a trend that displays their not-so-heavenly characteristics in the paranormal genre. It seems angels have desires, vulnerabilities which make them vaguely and attractively . . .human!

Demons. Whoa. Whole other deal. Yeah, the mere thought of the Hellish Spawn conjures up images of slavering, clawed, red-eyed terror. Demons are fast entering the genre not as scaled slimy, brimstone belching devil monsters, but sexy, complex smoking hot (yup-pun intended) heroes and heroines.

The lines blur of faith and fantasy, creating a truly multi--textured eclectic characters.

And I'm all about being different.

I'd like to share an excerpt from my latest novel, The Darker side of Heaven which explores a little what I've talked about. Thanks for indulging me and enjoy Spook-a-licious!

* * * * *


Adam felt her power. It radiated around him.

Through him.

He stood motionless, waiting for her to appear. The trees were a dense, dark, protective ring of leaf and bark.

"Come to me." He whispered to the menacing wood.

"No, Adam Blake, it is you who come to me!"

Her voice reverberated inside his head, and he winced.

"Forgive me for my impertinent words. I come to seek Azur's beneficence."

"A bold request, vampire. Shall fortune favor you? That is the question."

"I seek aid not for myself but for another."

"Ah, I see. Friend or lover?"

Adam sighed. He did not relish the pedantic tone, but he held his temper in check.

"Both, great Azur."

"You are a romantic, vampire, a rarity among your kind. Dispense with false compliment. It does not suit you no, more importantly, it does not please me."

"Very well, I ask gift of your power, bring me to her so that I may save her life."

"Why should this insignificant human matter to me?"

His fangs elongated. The black energy that sustained him, snapped like a writhing, angry serpent around his dead heart.

"Azur, I open my mind to you. Let use cease this game of words!"

Adam stood with his arms out, waiting for the rogue angel to answer. He stood motionless for what seemed an eternity. Had the angel tired of him so soon? Was she being petulant at his intrusion?

Adam dropped his arms. He had made a mistake coming her. It was out of desperation he sought to engage a creature such as Azur.

The forest grew darker; the stars appeared to fade, the quarter moon swallowed up by the velvet blackness. His black energy pulsed violently inside of him. He sensed danger and . . . arousal.

Azur emerged from the shadows, her lithe body bare, except for a swatch of gossamer thin fabric covering her loins, held in place by a delicate silver chain clasped around her waist. Adams' cock twitched to life, expanding painfully in his jeans. Her eyes shone as if they captured the glare of the flames of hell, yet her body moved with a divine gracefulness that would have made a lesser man, a mortal man, fall to his knees.

"You ascribe human emotions to me, Adam Blake. I am beyond such weakness. However, they interest me, as do you. Blessed with the gift of immortality, yet at times, you curse it. You have abilities that most would kill for, yet bemoan such superhuman attributes. You long for a lover who has spurned you, yet risk all coming to me to save her. I confess, vampire, thou are a most intriguing dichotomy."

"I beg of you, Azur, time is of the essence!"

She circled him. Her gaze never wavered. He could not shake the feeling he was prey and she the huntress.

She stopped her lioness prowl. Her life force radiated like a small sun. Adam resisted the urge to shield his eyes.

"Your childlike concept of time amuses. You are nothing more than a mote in the eye of the Cosmos. I was once a seraph, singing His praises for eternity. I dared to love another, seduced by carnal appetites. As punishment for my egregious transgression, He banished me to this plane of existence, cursing me with desire that I have yet to satisfy. Many times, I have attempted to take a lover, but they have all perished. They

cannot survive the lust that burns within. My penance, pure reconciliation or continue my eternal torment on this rock. So speak not of time to me, vampire."

Adam did not wish to debate the angel. Whatever words he had to counter would not be sufficient to gain her favor.

"Then why not reconcile, be rid of your suffering. Be rid of us insignificant specks of dirt." He spat the words as if they were poison.

"If it were so easy, then why have you not done so, Adam Blake? I know why. I am privy to your thoughts. You have loved another, tasted of her desire. I too have experienced the pleasures of the flesh. To have indulged in such raw emotion, such unbridled carnality, I cannot go back to what I once was. I am bound to this place, this darker side of heaven."

Azur approached, the heat from her body warming him. A sensation he had not felt in over a hundred years. She brushed her fingers over his crotch. His cock throbbed fiercely in its denim prison. Azur parted the veil that covered her loins. Adam stared at the glistening slit.

"Yes, vampire, this is my curse, my unfulfilled desire. Which, I think you shall be able to satiate. If I aid you, I ask you to be my lover in return. Nay, demand it, unconditionally."

He tried to find the words to reply, but they died upon his lips as she took his hand, placing it on a perfectly spherical breast. The heat from her body was as invigorating as the taste of blood.

She slowly pulled his zipper down, deftly working his turgid member out of his jeans. She stroked him, and to his astonishment, he saw a small bead of clear fluid leak from the tip. The only time he could achieve orgasm was if he drank of blood.

His body shuddered, viscerally reacting to her touch; he willed his thoughts not to surrender to the red haze of lust. In his rational mind, he knew what his answer would be. He had no choice but to save Chalice.

Any way he could.

Azur grinned.

"Your thoughts are laid bare to me. To make love to an angel is nothing short of Heaven."

The rogue angel's dark wings unfurled; spider-like crimson veins throbbed insistently. Her mouth was upon his, and for the first time in a hundred and twenty-eight years, he felt breath in his lungs.

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