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Monday, 24 October 2011


Welcome to Spook-a-licious, a week long bundle of fun dedicated to Halloween!

I have some awesome authors joining me this week to talk about their groovy books and why they decided to write about certain paranormal beings. We have some interviews, some excerpts and some goodies to give-away.

The following is to give you an idea of how the week is going to go, and which authors will be featured each day:-

24th - Rosalie Stanton - Sarah Ballance - Lucy Felthouse

25th - Mary Abshire - Lucy Felthouse - Jewel D'Arcy

26th - Kelley Heckart - Dianna Hardy 

27th - JS wayne - Elizabeth Morgan - Mary Abshire 

28th - KB Cutter - Mary Abshire 
(Elizabeth Morgan Blog Hop post & giveaway.)*

29th - DC Juris - Mary Abshire - Cara Marsi
(Elizabeth Morgan Blog Hop post & giveaway.)*

30th - Doris O'Connor - Elizabeth Morgan
(Elizabeth Morgan Blog Hop post & giveaway.)*

31st - Lucy Felthouse - Elizabeth Morgan
(Elizabeth Morgan Blog Hop post & giveaway.)*

On top of Spook-a-licious I am taking part in a Halloween Blog Hop, for more information, click here. So, don't forget to keep checking back every day, especially Oct 28th-31st, since there will be double the fun! ^_^

Kicking off this awesome week we have.... Rosalie Stanton!

So, don't forget to pop back in a few hours** to see what she has to say about Vampires, and to read an excerpt of her new release "Know Thine Enemy." Plus, if you swing by and leave her a comment, you will be in with a chance of winning a copy!

* The Halloween Blog Hop is a separate event to Spook-a-licious. The Blog Hop is across 4 days - 28th-31st - I will post something on each of those days - separate from Spook-a-licious - and each post will involve a giveaway of some kind. So, don't forget to keep checking back!

For more information on the Blog Hop, click here.

** As you can see by the time stamp of this post, it is only 14mins in to the 24th of Oct on this side of the pond. So, I wont be putting up the first guest post until it is officially the 24th for everyone. Just to be fair to everyone. : P

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  1. me again i want to win ha ha well i love
    vamps but i am not prejudiced on any book ilove to read