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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Beyond the green door" excerpt & A "Darkness I Weep" giveaway from Julie D'Arcy

Who is Julie D’Arcy?

Julie D’Arcy, is a name which I have written a series of fantasy novels under.(The Tarlisian Sagas) I have also written under the name of Julie A. D’Arcy for paranormal, and I now write under the name of Jewel D’Arcy for Noble Romance publishing. My first novella with them being an Erotic Romance.

As I have probably not watched a horror movie since I was four and spent most of that time behind the back seat, I have no favorite horror movies, or have no idea of the actors in them. They give me nightmares : )

I do love paranormal and the newer type Vampire movies, such as Vampire Dairies, supernatural, all the Twilight Books etc. And Queen of the Damned was a pretty cool film. I am more into fantasy films and have been watching them as long as I remember. But I have been told by my daughter that they are not classed as horror, SO, I am going to bore you with my writing history, and an hopefully excite you with an excerpt from my soon to be released Novella published by Noble Romance Publishing LLC.

I will also be giving away a pdf. copy of my full length vampire romance urban fantasy time travel novel “Darkness I Weep.” Which received a 5 star review.

Please visit my web page http://www.julieadarcy.com/ and look up Beyond the Green Door and give me the name of 2 characters from the Novella. LEAVE YOUR ANSWER IN a comment to this post - with your email - and I will check back the next day. The first two names I see will receive the book.

If you enjoy novels with handsome flawed heroes and beautiful spirited women that don't mind getting a little blood on their hands, you have come to the right place!

I have contract for 'Beyond the Green Door' Noble Romance Publishing LLC.

This story went into an Anthology around ten years ago and has been well out of print for 8 years and all rights returned. I thought it was time to give it new life! “Beyond the Green Door” has been hotted up and made into an Erotic Romance, with 2 new scenes added. If you like a nice hot read but still a moving tale (that is tale NOT tail) :-)

You might enjoy this one. It is an Urban Fantasy Erotic Romance with a twist at the end!

Beyond the Green Door


BEYOND THE GREEN DOOR is where Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk Erotica, meets, re-incarnation with a twist of magic and those sexy little bits everyone loves.

Can the impossible really become possible? Or is it all just a whisper in the wind?

Sherry's world falls to pieces when the honeymoon she had planned in Rio with her fiancée turns to a tragedy with his death in a plane crash. Can a twist of fate, a wrong turn and a touch of magic find the love and passion she thought she had lost in the arms of another? Or will her love once again be torn apart?
She writhed and squirmed to free herself, but her captors grips tightened on her arms. Turning to the creature on her left, a shocked gasp left her lips. Scarlet plumage covered his face and a birdlike gaze raked her over head-to-toe, settling on her breasts. Sherry looked down and her heart sank. What had happened to her dress? Between the time she left the old man's shop and now, her dress had been removed and her body adorned in . . . a garment of shimmering white cloth with skimpy shoulder straps. The sparse attire clung to her waist and hips, landing in a jagged hemline above her knees. Nearly see-through, the material left nothing to imagination, nothing at all. She was naked beneath.

Jeers and lewd shouts from across the pit reached her ears. Sherry lifted her eyes to a mass of people standing on a high ledge, their garish features more evil than those beside her. Good God, were they chanting for her death?

Fear snaked through her trembling body, deep and jarring. Only one thing registered in her numb brain—they meant to sacrifice her. She didn’t know where she was or how she'd arrived, but if she didn’t wrench herself free within minutes, she'd breathe her last.

Twisting her head around, she scanned the area for a means of escape and another form of horror unlike any she'd ever known struck her. A golden throne rose up out of the ground, occupied by a creature that could have been straight from the annals of Night of the Living Dead. Golden chains and gilded charms adorned his naked body, and he seemed to hold an air of prestige. Perhaps, he was the king of this alien world.

Sherry's gaze took in the throne and a nagging familiarity struck her. Carved in the image of the idol she'd found at The Old Green Door, at the top of the monstrosity on both sides, two smaller idols took up residence. Sherry closed her eyes and willed the ghoulish scene to disappear. This had to be a dream, a sick, depraved nightmare of the highest order. When she opened her eyes again, a flash of light from the pit lit up her surroundings. She was in an enormous cavern. To her left, sat a cage attached to a pulley. They dragged her toward it while a sick sense of what they planned to do to her rose. Heat from the flames of the pit assailed her, searing her tender flesh. She strained against the grip of her captors with the realization they intended to burn her alive, place her in the cage, and lower the enclosure into the pit.

Lightheadedness consumed her and the old man's withered face from the shop flashed behind her lids. What had he done, what hellish world had he sent her into?

Digging deep, a sense of courage came to her. She struck the king with a firm glare. “Who are you?" The chants grew louder. "I demand you let me go.”

She advanced, and in her fury, dragged the pig-like creature at her side forward. Caught off balance, the hideous being lost his balance and tumbled into the fiery flames of the pit. Ah, here was her chance. She shoved her other captor with all the strength she possessed and watched him fall to the ground. For one blissful moment, she felt the taste of freedom, but it was not to last. The bird-man was on her in an instant, grasping her tightly about the ankles before she had a chance to escape. She toppled to the hard earth, and fought helplessly against the iron grip that dragged her toward the pit.

Inches away from being tossed in, silence came to the chanting crowd. From the ground, Sherry looked up and another gasp left her quaking lips.

Lachlan stood before her, her Lachlan, and yet, not.

Bronze armor molded his muscled chest. Dark hair fell past his shoulders, and although longer than Lachlan's, the texture and color were achingly familiar. Leather breeches hugged his ripped thighs like a second skin, and in his right hand, a shiny silver sword reached skyward.

“Stand away from my woman, creature, or feel the sting of my blade across your throat.”

A sickening laugh from the monster on the throne echoed in the cave. “You dare to interfere with our sacred ritual? Speak stranger, declare your name before you die."

“I am Chardon, of the Celti Tribe," he said with unwavering confidence. "I shall not ask again. Free my woman and I will spare your life.”

A roar of laughter rose above the crowd. “It is too late for you or anyone to intervene. The woman shall become the bride of Kaligi, and nothing you do will prevent it.”

Chardon stiffened his back, crouched and brought his sword up high. “Then come, taste the blood of death."

“Terros," the king said. "Rid this scum from my presence.”

Her captor released her, faced Chardon, and drew his broadsword.

Chardon took a deep breath and advanced. “I will send your love to your lovely wife, Terros, it will help keep her warm at night, after I have taken your head,” Chardon said, his voice warm and nonchalant. It was an old tactic he’d been taught to put his enemy off guard.

Terros stilled at his words, but only for a moment before Chardon charged like a rabid beast. The sound of metal against metal sang through the air. Terros parried time and again, staggering back with every thrust from Chardon. A scream rent the air when the blade tore through Terros' belly, ripping through a lung and out his back. The bird-like creature sagged against his killer's shoulder and his sword clattered to the ground with a resounding thud. Chardon tossed him aside like a leaf from a mighty oak, and took up a rigid stance.

Screams of outrage tore through the air as another creature rushed toward the stalwart warrior. Again Chardon's blade hummed in the still air before he brought it down swiftly and pierced his enemy through the gut. With a flick of his wrist, he tossed the listless being into the fiery pit.

A chant for blood reverberated off the walls of the cavern as the king leapt from his throne. “Seize them!” he roared and charged toward Chardon, his head low, the blade of his knife gleaming beneath the orange-yellow flames.

Chardon stepped aside, allowing the king’s momentum to hurtle past him. The man came to an abrupt halt at the edge of the pit and swung around to face the warrior.

Spurred into action, Sherry scanned the cave for a weapon. Nothing in sight, not even a loose rock came into view. She skirted the mighty fighter who arrived to save her and raced toward the golden idols flanking the throne. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the king charge again. Blades clanked and crossed as they met in the middle. Chardon seized the opportunity to deliver a powerful fist to the king's face. The grotesque creature stumbled back, attempted to right his hideous body, and fell to the ground, his arms and legs a tangled mass of limbs. Quicker than Sherry could blink, Chardon plunged his sword into the king’s throat, then met her gaze.

“Move, now!” he bellowed.

With one of the idols tucked under her armpit, she raced toward the avenging wraith.

“This way,” he shouted, nodding to his right.

Hot on the man's heels, Sherry followed him from the cavern and soon they entered a dark tunnel, lit only by random torches secured in iron wall brackets. In the distance, echoes of angry shouts and the sound of feet trampling the hard-packed earth echoed in her ears.

“We must reach the street,” he said, groping for her hand.

Her fingers made contact with his strong, calloused hand and a surge of hot need traveled up her arm. She glanced to his handsome face, and even in the dim light of the tunnel couldn’t believe the uncanny resemblance to Lachlan. “Who are you,” she whispered.

His hand closed around hers, the feeling of strength and power unmistakable. "This is no time for questions or answers," he said, grasping her hand and dragging her along behind him.

A set of carved steps loomed before them. They scrambled up the steep stairs, the sound of their pursuers growing louder with every passing second.

Moments later, Chardon ducked into a narrow onclave and turned left. Here, another set of steps appeared. “You know who I am,” he said, pulling her along. “I am Chardon and you are Cara, my betrothed.”

Sherry pulled back, forcing him to pause. “What did you say?" She shook her head. "What was that about back there . . . the flames, the cage? Were they about to sacrifice me?"

His hands drifted to her shoulders and dark blue, mesmerizing eyes looked into hers. “What have they done to you, Cara? You remember nothing?”

Dizziness claimed her, whether from his hard body against hers or the recent turn of events, she didn't know. Who is this Cara he speaks of, and who is this man who looks so much like her fiancée, her dead fiancée? More importantly, where in the hell was she?

Buy Link: http://www.nobleromance.com/

I will be writting these NEW EROTICA NOVELLAS under the name of JEWEL D'ARCY so as not to mix them up with my,   Fantasy /Witch/ Vampire 50-50 romance novels

This 10,000 + word Novella will be released 17th November 2011 by Noble Romance Publishing LLC. :-)

Julie A. D'Arcy Bio:- 

Former Founding Owner Publisher of Eternal Press--
author Julie A. D'Arcy was born in Bendigo, Australia 1957.

In my formative years I attended Sunshine Primary in Melbourne, and 15 Mile Creek Primary in North East Victoria. For my secondary education, I attended Ovens College, Wangaratta.

At school I enjoyed writing from an early age and often had articles published in school magazines but never dreamt of becoming an author. I attended Caulfield Institute of Technology, Victoria, where I studied Art and Design, majoring in Ceramic Art.

(Now Monash University)

After leaving college I returned to Wangaratta, where I set up my own pottery business specializing in fantasy pottery, in which I still dabble. I married and had two beautiful daughters, Errin and Tegan. I have since divorced.

I also have a very spoiled cat, a Tonkanese named Jessalyn who rules the roost  Or thinks she does.

I am the author of 7 full length novels, and 2 novellas, with two more works in progress. My genres include Fantasy, Fantasy romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Ghost, Witch, Vampire, and Time Travel. (Erotica Romance) I have been writing for around thirteen years and have been published almost as long. My first published novel WON the 1999 Dorothy Parker RIO Award for Women's fiction. And the same novel and my second were nominated and shortlisted in several other prestigious Awards, including the Australian RWA Ruby Award, the U.S.A, PEARL AWARD and the SAPPHIRE AWARD.

I have written for publishers such as ImaJinn books, Mundania Press, Moongypsy Press and Eternal Press and Noble Romance Publishing LLC.

Julie A. D'Arcy is also an artist potter, a freelance cover artist and makes video trailers for other authors.


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