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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Spook-a-interview with Lucy Felthouse

EM: Welcome to the My World Halloween Bash, Lucy! It's wonderful to have you here! : )

LF: Thank you for having me – it's great to be here on this spookiest of all weeks of the year.

What have you come as today? And why?

I've come as a human. Before you laugh, there is method in my madness. As a human, I have blood. Therefore I'm kinda hoping that Damon Salvatore or Spike (from Buffy) will come along and bite me. And - because this is MY fantasy, after all – as said vampire is having his wicked way with me, the Winchester brothers will come along to rescue me. Of course I won't need rescuing, but since they've arrived, we may as well make the most of it by tumbling into bed together. All of us. See? Awesome outfit, huh?!

EM: Extremely. *Evaluates her own costume...*

Before we begin, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 26 and live in Derbyshire in the UK. I've been writing for as long as I remember, but for publication since 2006. Since then I've had work published by Cleis Press, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance, Summerhouse Publishing, Sweetmeats Press and Xcite Books, as well as several magazines and websites. I have a website at http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/ and I'm also a Twitter addict. I have a Facebook page, too.

EM: It's sooo cool that we're like neighbours. *High fives*

1. What's your favourite scary movie?

I don't like scary movies! I like movies about vampires, werewolves, angels, that kind of thing, but I wouldn't dream of watching anything like Saw or Final Destination. My overactive imagination ensures that these films really do terrify me, so I steer well clear. Sorry!

2. Was there a particular horror movie, or character that scared you when you were younger?

Oh god, yes. At a ridiculously young age (I think around 7 or 8) I had a friend over for a sleepover. In her infinite wisdom she sneaked a Freddy Kreuger video with her. We thought it would be a good idea to watch it, at night. I didn't get very far before I ran crying into the living room to my mum and dad. It was also a while before I slept in my own bed again. He still creeps me out now!

EM: Does no one like Freddy? lol I think he's awesome!

3. Which horror would you be afraid to be stuck in?

Any of them. I particularly hate the ones that could actually happen. They're the ones that really mess with my head and freak me out. I know, I'm a wimp!

4. Who do you feel is the best horror villain? And why?

As you've probably guessed from my previous answers, I haven't seen many horror films. However, Hannibal Lecter is a pretty good villain. He's so sinister, in both the books and the films.

EM: Hanni freaks me out. He's way to calm, it's creepy!

5. Why do you feel that ghosts are so popular in both literature & film/tv?

There are lots of beings in myth and legend that are written about and have shows made about them, but most people don't really believe they exist. Ghosts are different, because they're something that many people genuinely do believe in. I couldn't say for sure but this could be why, because they're one of the most "believable" beings out there.

6. Why did you decide to write a story about/featuring this particular being?

The series that Love Through Time is a part of has a theme – Timeless Desire. When I was given the theme and asked to write something that fitted it, I thought about how I'd do it, and my ghost story was the best idea that popped into my head. As soon as I got the idea, I loved it – and I hope everyone else will, too!

7. Do you believe these beings actually exist?

It's difficult to say. At the moment, my feelings on ghosts are ambivalent. I couldn't say either way whether they truly exist or not. I know lots of people believe in them, but unless I see proof one way or the other with my own eyes – then I'll remain firmly on the fence.

8. What attracted you to the paranormal genre? Why do you write this particular genre?

Vampires were my first paranormal love. I remember reading one of the L. J. Smith Night World novels many, many years ago. I think I got it free with a magazine. There was something about it that really captivated me and since then I've read as many vampire books as I can get my hands on. I'm still not bored with the genre, and don't think I ever will be.

As for the second part of the question – I write paranormal because I enjoy it as a genre. It's fun to write and read. I'm just lucky I'm able to do both and still love it.

9. Who is your favourite paranormal/horror writer & why?

I can't answer that question with just one name, so I'll give you a few: Anne Rice, Richelle Mead, Karen Chance, Charlaine Harris, Rachel Caine... I could go on forever! More specifically within erotica, both Portia Da Costa and Saskia Walker write fab paranormal stuff.

10. Tell us about one of the most favourable scene you have written.

I really like the scene in my paranormal erotic romance, BITE WITH HEIGHT, where the human character, Grace, finds out that Meg is a vampire. I don't want to give too much away but the setting is incredible – it's based on a real place, which happens to be one of my favourite places in the world – and the piece is both awkward and romantic. I had so much fun writing that piece – so much so that a sequel is in the works!

11. Out of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite and why?

It would have to be the vampire, Meg, from BITE WITH HEIGHT. She's a real kick-ass chick and has a very unusual lifestyle – even for a vampire. She's awesome fun to write.

12. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you meet and why?

Easy. The vampire Lestat.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes, I'm working on a hush-hush project for one of my publishers at the moment. If it all comes off it'll be a novella going into a print collection with a few other authors early next year. Wish me luck!

EM: As if you need luck, Lucy. *Wishes Luck anyway*

Do you have any current release?

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor

Blurb: When Stephanie and Jenny go to a Murder Mystery Halloween weekend at Wilderhope Manor, they’re expecting fun and games. But following creaky floorboards, spooky noises and an alarming encounter in the Manor’s grounds, the girls begin to wonder if there’s more to Wilderhope Manor than meets the eye. As they find frequent comfort in one another’s arms – and their bed – will the girls discover what’s causing the bumps in the night, or will they run scared?

(See excerpt below.)

Purchase link: http://summerhousepublishing.com/index.phpmain_page=product_book_info&cPath=23&products_id=84

Also available from Amazon, All Romance eBooks and all other good eBook retailers.
Any upcoming releases?

Caught in the Act, part of the Immoral Views anthology

Blurb: A young policeman risks his sanity, his reputation and his job for the adrenaline rush of sex alfresco!

Purchase link: http://www.sweetmeatspress.com/

The book will be available in print and eBook format from all good retailers.

Where can readers find you on the internet?

My website: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cw1985

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucyfelthousewriter

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/cw1985

EM: Thank you so much for joining me! : ) I hope you have an amazing Halloween!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor

The car trundled up the long driveway, the crunching of gravel beneath tyres the only sound as Stephanie and her girlfriend, Jenny, peered out of the windows at their surroundings.

Even at dusk the tree-lined driveway was impressive with perfectly maintained parkland, spanning for acres on either side of it. As Stephanie steered the Fiesta around a bend in the track, they both gasped. Their destination, Wilderhope Manor, had come into view and it was stunning. The Tudor style property was huge, with no less than three frontages visible from where they were. Chimneys with intricately built patterns jutted into the darkening sky, with tangles of ivy climbing parts of the manor, giving the place an appearance that was both beautiful and foreboding.

Presently, the driveway opened out into a gravelled area, which as far as Stephanie could tell, doubled as a car park for the weekend. Stephanie manoeuvred into a spot between two vehicles and killed the engine. As she turned to Jenny, she jumped, startled. Her girlfriend had leaned in close, making a scary face with her hands mimicking claws.

“Are you ready to be scared out of your wits, young lady?” Jenny rasped, wiggling her eyebrows and fingers theatrically.

Stephanie shoved her playfully, laughing. “Come on, you silly cow. It’s a murder mystery weekend, not a monster hunt. There will be no ghosts, ghouls or vampires involved.”

Stephanie got out of the car and closed the door. She’d already popped open the boot and started unloading their bags before Jenny appeared alongside her, pouting petulantly.

“But it’s Halloween tomorrow,” Jenny insisted. “Anything could happen. The veil between the living and dead will be at its thinnest, and this place is meant to be swarming with ghosts.”

“If you say so, sweetheart,” she replied, rolling her eyes. She was used to Jenny’s crazy beliefs by now. “Grab your bags and let’s get inside. It’s cold. You got the tickets?”

Jenny nodded, brandishing her handbag in response. Jenny picked up her overnight bag as Stephanie slammed the boot lid before locking the car, then followed her toward the grand entrance to Wilderhope Manor.

* * *

A little while later, they were installed in their room. They’d each been handed a “Welcome Pack” by the staff member who had attended to them at Reception, which consisted of their itinerary and instructions for the weekend.

As they unpacked, she voiced one of the thoughts that had run through her head. “Have you ever noticed how places never bat an eye at two girls sharing a room, and yet, if it’s two guys, they automatically assume they’re gay?”

“They’ll soon change their tune when they see your outfit for tonight!” Jenny replied, grinning cheekily at her. “It screams ‘lesbian’ with every stitch!”

“Whatever do you mean, you saucy wench? Someone with girl parts dressing as a distinguished gentleman does not a lesbian make.”

“True, but I wonder what it’ll do to you? Perhaps it’ll work in reverse and turn you straight!”

Buy link: http://summerhousepublishing.com/index.phpmain_page=product_book_info&cPath=23&products_id=84


  1. I never watch horror movies either! I'm like you - they scare the heck out of me. I think the last horror movie I watched was The Ring when I was 13 or 14. lol

    Nice interview. I love ghost stories. :)

  2. I agree, Lucy. The most scary horror films are the ones that could really happen. I thought Silence of the Lambs was one of the most terrifying things I'd ever seen when it came out, mainly because it could really happen!

    Great interview, BTW! And I LOVE your costume!

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't watch horror films. Thanks for making me feel less alone, ladies ;)

  4. Horror films are my candy for the brian.... That's really wrong isn't it? : P

    Thanks for swinging by Lucy! It was a pleasure talking spooky, sexy things with you ^_^

  5. LMAO! Hey when your done with the boys can you send them my way!

    You know I never realized we are the same age now only if you lived closer I wouldn't have to be the baby writer everywhere I go lol.


  6. i do watch move only during the day or if i go to show it early so i do not have night mares the book sound great and will do good and would love to win and blog on them

  7. Drea - I never realised we were the same age, either! :)