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Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Collector is on sale! Want to win a copy?

*Competition is closed! Winners have been emailed!*

The Collector
(Paranormal Romance)

Book| One  Series| The Overseers

Available in Ebook format from: Cobblestone Press


After watching millions die, those human emotions are starting to take effect. Instead of collecting his next spirit from the car accident that is about to kill her, Kale saves her life. His punishment for ruining fate... is mortality.

Samantha hasn't been able to stop thinking about her beautiful hero. So when she stumbles across him, lying in a hospital bed with a small case of amnesia, she is more than happy to offer him her help. It's the least she can do to re-pay the man who saved her life.

Though Samantha soon learns that Kale isn't the guardian angel she thought he was, not to mention how far he has fallen to earn a place in her heart.


That's right, The Collector is now available for purchase!

And to celebrate, I'm giving away one copy of the book, as well as some cute little mobile phone charms that I made. Yes, I made them. Aren't they cute??

Okay, well more like I bought a lot of wings and then some
 mobile cords, and hooked them all up. But that is pretty much making them, right?

Any way, I'm giving away 4 of these cute little charms & 1 copy of The Collector.

To win, all you have to do is answer the following question:-

What is the full name of the spirit Kale has collected?
You can find the answer in this excerpt, here.

Once you have the answer, email it to me at - Elizabeth-Morgan@hotmail.co.uk - with the subject line, The Collector Comp.

The Competition is open to everyone, and will end at midnight - 6pm eastern time - Sunday 16th Oct.

I will use Random.org to help me pick 5 winners - out of the entries with the correct answers - and then email the winners directly!

Good Luck!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! Just wanted to pop in with well wishes!

    Congrats on your release! Woot! Another intriguing, sexy tale.

  2. I would love to win.. I have your She-Wolf and I love it... I love your paranormals.... Good luck to everyone..

    Debbie L

  3. Congrats!!! Awesome on the release!!!

  4. Thanks Debbie : ) Glad you enjoyed She-Wolf!

    Thank you dlynn : )