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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Blog Hop: Day 2: Superstitions!

I thought I would be a tad random today and pop up some info I found when doing some research on the superstitions around Black cats - and when I say talk, I mean point out how they all contradict one another.

Basically - and with most things - the beliefs surrounding black cats is all based down to cultural beliefs. Some places see them as lucky and some unlucky.

Here are some of the beliefs I came across: -

Most common belief is that they are witches familiars.

MJ and Phantom
 In Scotland, a black cat’s arrival at the home signifies prosperity. It is also believed that a woman who owns such a cat will have many suitors.

*Looks around for her many suitors... "I don't seem 'em and I've got two cats. Shouldn't I be rich?"*

Yet in western history, black cats are often seen as evil omens.

In the 19th century pirates believed that if one was to walk onto your ship and off again, that ship would be doomed to sink on its next voyage. Yet cats in general, were often kept on board to get rid of rats. Black ones in particular were seen as lucky by sailors, and their wives who would often keep one in hope that by doing so their husband would be safe while at sea.

Phantom in the wash basket.
Despite the mixed views, I myself have two male black cats, which was the main reason I decided to do this random post. Now, I don’t know if I will get lots of suitors in my life - Sadly I haven't so far : ( - or if I will have a windfall of money. I just know that I don’t believe such creatures could bring bad luck, because mine have brought nothing but love and happiness. Plus they're as funny as hell.

Do you have any superstitions? What are they?

MJ can look a little scary sometimes,
but he is as much of a softy as his brother.

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  1. I'm not really superstitious...now lol, when I was younger I read that you're supposed to hold your breath when you pass by a cemetery so you won't breathe in evil spirits so I did that for awhile.
    The only thing I really do now is knocking on wood so I don't jinx myself.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win
    JenniferSmith.ga (at) gmail.com

  2. As a child I remember being possitively OCD about stepping on a crack, but I've outgrown that & my mom's back is fine. Can't really think of any superstitions I worry about these days. I totally agree about the black cat's not being bad luck. We've had several black cats & they were all darlings.

  3. oops, I forgot my email: drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

    And my preferred format is PDF.

  4. There are lots of stuff I remember when I was a kid. Don't step on a crack in the sidewalk.
    I'm not sure why, but I still seem to step over those cracks in the sidewalk when I'm walking. Some things are just hard to explain.

  5. Ha! I know what you mean. I have to black cats too and have yet to have hordes of male suitors beating down my door. Well one can still hope:)

    I'm not really all that supersticious. When I was a kid there were the little things like not walking under a ladder, don't open an umbrella in the house. I do have to admit that I do still throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.

    Thanks! I'd love a pdf if I won.

  6. I am a supersticious personI dont want to press my luck lol. I dont walk under ladders , I am very careful not to break any mirrors ,I throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.I also knock on wood .I get a little nervous when I see a black cat run across the road in front of me when Im driving .

  7. I'm not terribly superstitious--when I was younger I did used to be much more careful about stepping on sidewalk cracks and knocking on wood and all that ;) But we got married on the 13th, so we've kind of claimed that as our own lucky number now :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net