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Monday, 31 October 2011

Mini Cranberry Blood Excerpt

I hope you have - had or are having - a brilliant night!

Firstly, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all the authors who took part in Spook-a-licious! You have all made this week extremely fun, and it has been a pleasure hanging out with you all. So thank you so much for taking the time to do so, and for sharing your thoughts, and excerpts to your yummy books.

Now, we have just under 40mins left - on this side of the pond - until Halloween is over. So, I thought it would be fun to end this spooky week, with a little snip from my next release.

For those of you who have read She-Wolf, you will remember that the Pack have "mentioned" Vampires. Well, even though there are no vamps in She-Wolf, like the Pack says, there still are some about, which there are, and I am happy to say you will be seeing quite a few vamps in the sequel to She-Wolf - Cranberry Blood.

Now, I'm extremely excited, and a little nervous, about CB's release. This book is very close to my heart, because - and I know some of you have heard this a million times - it was the first book I wrote. The version that is contracted and is currently going through edits, is not the first version I wrote. It is the third. But certain characters - Heather & Brendan. Marko. - and the basic story plot, have stayed with me from the original version. So, cutting all that short, it is a very important book to me.

So, even though it is not published yet - perhaps I am cheating a little, but hey, it's my blog : P - I thought I would put up an unedited sneak peak at the Heroine - Heather - fighting some vampires.

This particular chapter is from Brendan's pov....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The group of Vampires had surrounded her, trapping her in the centre of their circle. Their black eyes were fixed on her like vultures finding their prey in the desert. They hadn't yet noticed there was a bigger predator amongst them.

My body was growing tense, but I had to restrain myself from helping her. The slayer didn't need my help, not yet anyway.

Heather stood perfectly still, her sword sat within its sheath on her hip. She rolled her right shoulder and grinned at the Vampires closest to her. Bones began to crunch as their jaws dislocated and dropped down to their chests, pulling the skin of their faces tightly against their skulls. Their black eyes stared at her from the layers of flesh sitting on their brows, and their snake like tongues slithered from their huge mouths.

Heather simply flicked her right wrist, aiming her throws at the three nearest Vampires. Flashes of silver glided through the air as her small throwing daggers burst from the catapult hidden beneath her sleeve. She caught all three Vampires in their throats. Her left hand slipped under her coat and retrieved her sword and with one pull, she swiped the sword to her left and sliced into the neck of the first advancing Vampire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cranberry Blood
Rough Blurb:

Killing Vampires? Easy. Tracking someone? Simple. Helping, and protecting a Vampire slayer... Bloody hard work!

Thirteen years ago, Brendan Daniels made a deal with a psychic. In exchange for information on the whereabouts of a Rogue Werewolf, he promised to help and protect Sofia's granddaughter. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he was getting himself, or his Pack, into.

Nothing about Heather is simple, from her weird dietary needs to her life’s mission. The girl can handle herself, but the promise to protect her soon becomes a need, and one that he can't fully understand.

Vampire Slayer. Born Infected. Blood addict... but not by choice.

Heather Ryan is the most recent slayer in a long family line. Like all before her, she has spent her life searching for her ancestor, Marko Pavel, the Vampire her family has sworn to kill. If that isn't complicated enough, Heather is also a born "Infected", and to keep her from becoming insane or giving in to her darker side, she is on a very strict diet.

Grandmother Sofia has passed, so now it is up to Heather to take the family legacy into her own hands, all alone: or at least, it would have been, if her Grandmother hadn't sent a Werewolf to help her.

What is the irritating Brendan supposed to help Heather with? Sofia never told either one of them. But it doesn't take long for Heather and Brendan to find out that the Vampires have big plans, and that the fiends have waited a long time for them both.

Coming soon from Noble Romance Publishing!


  1. Enjoyed your excerpt! I especially liked the expression "a very strict diet". Good Work!!

    I also love the layout and designe of your blog.

  2. Sounds good. Have She Wolf loaded and ready to read next and am looking forward to it tremendously. Like the fall look to the blog.

  3. @Dahlia - Glad you enjoyed it. Tehe but it is a very strict diet ; P & Thank you.

    I love autumn leaves, they're so pretty. When the sun catches the tree tops it makes them look like dancing fire. Tis lovely.

    @Michelle - Well, I really hope you enjoy She-Wolf, and thank you for buying it : )