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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Want to ask the Pack a question?

So we only have two weeks until Spook-a-licious!

I have an awesome group of authors coming to hang during Spook-a-licious: -

Rosalie Stanton. JS Wayne. Sarah Ballance. Lucy Felthouse. Mary Abshire. Jewel D'Arcy. Dianna Hardy. Kelley Heckart. Doris O'Connor. KB Cutter. Mary Abshire. DC Juris. Cara Marsi, and me (but you already knew I would be here : P )

All will be sharing excerpts, and their thoughts on the creatures they write and on Halloween in general. There will be some groovy giveaways, so mark the dates on your calendar - 24th-31st of October!

Now, I'm currently waiting for my edits for Cranberry Blood, and I started thinking, "why don't I see if I can get some of the Pack to come and hang with us?"

Now, I would have to make a lot of promises and deals with them... maybe a few threats *inserts evil grin* to get them to agree, although some will be more willing that others...


So what do y'all think? You got some questions you would like to ask any member of the pack? Questions on what it is like to be a Werewolf. How it was growing up knowing that once they hit puberty they would be sprouting fur, claws and fangs. How being a Werewolf might effect their romantic life. Maybe why they choose to work in a certain sector. Perhaps you want to try and squeeze some dirty little secrets out of them? Or, try and find some details about the events of Cranberry Blood?

If you would like to put a question forward, just email me at - Elizabeth-Morgan@hotmail.co.uk - Just write the question, at which Werewolf you are asking.

We have two weeks to Spook-a-licious, so plenty of time to think up some questions and email me. And you can totally ask as many questions as you like. The juicier the better!!

I will post more news on the Spook-a-licious in the next two weeks, so keep a look out for the gory details!

*Inserts evil laughter, and some smoke for a spooky effect*


Don't forget to stop by this Wednesday. I am being joined by the lovely Laura Androger who is going to be playing an awesome game of 20 questions with me. : )

Also, only 3 days left till the release of my new paranormal romance, The Collector. So stop by as I will be giving away some cute little goodies, and a few copies of the ebook! ^_^

And on October 13th I will be over at Sarah Ballance's place talking about why I decided to write about angels in the first place.

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