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Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Blog Hop: Win a copy of Razel Dazzle!

It's the first day of the Christmas Blog Hop! I will be giving away 1 copy of each of my books across the next three days, and all you have to do to win is leave a comment. So don't forget to keep checking back!

I have decided to keep the theme of my Christmas Wish List going, but naturally, on the Blog Hop days I will be giving you 4 reasons why my books should be under your virtual Christmas trees.

Don't forget to go and check out all the other amazing authors who are participating in this Christmas Blog Hop (organised by Drea Becraft.) Lots of prizes to be won!

* * * * * *

Razel Dazzle by Elizabeth Morgan


Will she let down her hair for the man of her fantasies?

Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razel is the hottest model in town. But although most women would die to break into this career, Razel's life is limited by rules. None of which bothered her until she meets Matthew Prince, a new photographer in the business.

Razel refuses to let her mother/agent strict rules stop her from spending one night with the man of her desires. But she quickly discovers that one night with Matthew isn't enough, and being with him is something she definitely wants in life.

But how will she break the tight restraints of her wicked mother?

4 Reasons to Read:

1.) It's set around Christmas. (Yeah, there's a Christmas tree and everything.)
2.) It's a modern twist on the fairy tale Rapunzel.
3.) A costume party that leads to a night of sizzling sex.
4.) A fairytale happy ending!


A moment later, the door of the dressing room opened, and Gabriella walked out, followed by her team.

“Mr. Prince, may I introduce you to Razel D’Punz.” Gabriella stepped out of the way, and he was greeted by a set of ice-blue eyes framed by long black lashes.

For some reason, his heart seemed to speed up as he extended his hand. A small smile fluttered across Razel’s lips as she placed her slender right hand into his left. Her skin was soft and almost as white as snow. He raised her hand to his lips, and then pressed a soft kiss into her milky flesh. The smell of coco butter and honey flooded his senses.

“It’s a pleasure, Miss D’Punz,” he commented, meeting her gaze and releasing her hand.

He had seen many pictures of the young model but looking at her in person, no photo would ever do her justice. She wasn’t beautiful. She was breathtaking.

Her oval face was accompanied by a slender nose and high cheekbones. Her trademark golden hair was curled and falling down to her ankles. She looked so pure and innocent next to her witch of a mother.

“How would you like me?” she asked. Her voice was like a gentle whisper in his head.

The simple question caused a collision of unexpected and very unprofessional thoughts to erupt in his mind, taking him by surprise. The thought of them being alone and Razel allowing that red velvet dress to slide off her body. Of her lying before him, her long hair draped across her naked flesh, teasing him by covering her breasts and sex. His pants suddenly became tighter, and heat surged through his body. He coughed, attempting to cover the moan that longed to break from his lips. He could feel everyone’s eyes burning into him.

“If you would just like to start near the tree. Pretend you’re decorating it. There is a small box of ornaments there for your props.”

He watched as she was walked over to the Christmas tree. The velvet dress caressed every inch of her body. It seemed to dance across her skin with each step she took, almost mocking him. He found himself
suddenly and absurdly hating that dress. Hating the way it hugged her body.

He took a deep breath and focused on checking his camera.

Buy Link: http://www.cobblestone-press.com/catalog/books/razeldazzle.htm

* * * * * *

To be in with a chance of winning Razel Dazzle leave a comment - with your email address - telling me what your worst & best Christmas present has been.

Competition closes at midnight - 6pm est time - on Monday 19th December. Winner will be chosen with the help of Random.org, and will be emailed.


  1. Hey Elizabeth!- Loving the blog hop!!!!

    UM- OK my BEST christmas present has been a large wooden dollhouse I got when I was twelve- it was fun decorating it with wallpaper, carpeting and paint.

    My WORST present? I would have to say the granny nightie I got from an Ex's mother-- (I was in my early 20's at the time)
    Pretty sure she was trying to tell me something LoL


  2. Aw I got a dollhouse when I was ten. It was huge! But it was made out of plastic. It would have been fun to have decorated it though.

    A granny nightie? O_o Oh dear. lol

    Thanks for stopping by! :-D

  3. my best present was my sedu flat iron for my hair and I do not have a worst gift they have all been fine
    helldog3 at aol.com

  4. My best present was a pair of pearl earrings my hubby got me. My worst present was a pair of scissors my mom got me & my sister as she was tired of us borrowing hers. Thanks for being part of the blog hop


  5. One of my worst was when I got for my birthday AND Christmas what that friend gave to another mutual friend for Christmas--I know, call me petty!

    And one of the best--a board book our middle one made in preschool of one of her favorite family days together. Naturally that's on the keeper shelf ;)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net