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Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Wish List: Day 12

12 Day Wish List: Book 12: Amongst the Ruins (The Chronicles of 2020, Book 1) by Saewood Tice


In the year 2220, only about 15% of Earth's population have survived and thrived after the Nuclear Disaster of 2020.

With the collapse of modern society, the population has regressed into eight clans.

Amongst these clans, an unusual girl grows from child to adult.

Raised on the run and in hiding, Shilo wants to be free of the expectations of women. But in a ruined world where anyone could be an enemy, only the radiation-twisted mutants are clearly identifiable. A fertile female is a precious treasure, and any lapse in caution can mean a loss of the freedom she longs for.

Training as hard as a soldier would, in order to free herself from social constraints, she finds herself faced with an offer from a new clan--an offer that provides her with what she desires. But her recently found independence brings discovery, and discovery brings two very different men from her past—and each of them is determined to claim her.

One is obsessed with owning her, the other desires her as the only person who can make him love again.

4 Reasons to Read:
1. Kick butt heroine learning to rise against her world's rules
2. A world regressed
3. A Hero both flawed and strong
4. And of course because it is AWESOME! (though I could be biased)

Buy Link: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/329/Amongst-the-Ruins

Author Site: http://www.saewod.webs.com/

* * * * * *

Elizabeth's Wish List: Know Thine Enemy by Rosalie Stanton


He’s a vampire with a story. She’s a woman with a past.

The second Ryker spots the girl with midnight hair, he knows there’s more to her than meets the eye. She boasts the title of vampire hunter, but something’s off, something’s missing, and that something pulls him close…until backing off isn’t an option.

For years, Izzie has lived for the night, outrunning ghosts from home that seem to find her wherever she lands. Alongside her friend and mentor, who rescued her when she was at her lowest, she destroys creatures she once thought couldn’t exist. But Izzie doesn’t have what she needs to be her best, and doesn’t know if she ever will...or if the life she has is the one she wants.

When a shadow from Ryker’s former life surfaces to collect a forgotten debt, vampire and hunter are thrust together in a strange world of eroticism and servitude. They must trust each other if they mean to escape, but when trust turns into something more, the real enemy becomes harder and harder to pick out.


That cover is so vibrant, and delicious. Love it!

Why is this book on my wish list? Well, all in all, I love me a good story of a vampire and his slayer, and Known Thine Enemy sounds tasty. The fact that they are shoved in to a ". . . strange world of eroticism & servitude . . ." has me intrigued. Not to mention the blurb has me asking questions . . .

Why are the pair thrust in to this strange world? What debt? What keeps catching up to the heroine?

Definitely need to buy & read!
Buy Link: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/346/Know-Thine-Enemy

Author Site: http://www.rosalie-stanton.com/

* * * * * *

Elizabeth's Wish List: Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, Prequel) by Moira Rogers


Fifty years after a demon apocalypse devastated the world, summoners still bear the bulk of the blame. Marci lives in secret, hiding the gifts that could cost her a secure spot in one of humanity's underground cities, and access to their virtual world. After all, her chances of avoiding the genetic-testing lotto are better than her chances of surviving topside.

The bastard son of a terrifying incubus, lust heats Gabe's blood and sex fuels his magic. Innate charm and charisma help him navigate the cultural gap between the outcast town he calls home and the human settlements he infiltrates for trade. His latest mission nets him an unexpected asset--a summoner strong enough to soothe his darkest needs.

Trust a half demon, especially one who uses a lockdown to trap them together? Not in this lifetime. Yet Marci can't resist Gabe's offer to see her safely to a selective outcast settlement where she can live without fear. The journey alone is as dangerous as the way Gabe makes her heart race, but it could be her one hope of a real life.

If only she could be sure Gabe's telling her the whole truth...


The first line of this blurb is enough to make me want to read this book.

Dystopian setting. Magic. Demons. A virtual world.... Demon Bait is cyberpunk with a paranormal twist & a sexy one at that. I dig it. I want it. I don't think I can really add much to my reasons apart from . . . .

I love Moira Rogers, their stories are fabulous and always so unique. I see a book with their name on it, I will buy it. If you have never picked up a book by the dynamic duo, you need too. They have wrote a variety of genres, all with a delicious dose of paranormal, so if you love paranormal stories you really should check them out.

Buy Link: http://www.samhainpublishing.com/

Author Site: http://www.moirarogers.com/home

* * * * * *

Elizabeth: And that's it folks! 12 days have been, and gone. O_o Scary how quickly time flies, isn't it?

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking the list out, and I do hope that this very long and sexy list has given you plenty of splendid - even last minute - gift ideas! My too buy list has certainly grown ;-P

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