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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Wish List: Day 9

12 Day Wish List: Book 9: Perfect Christmas by DC Juris


Depressed and lonely, Evan has nothing to look forward to on Christmas but his TV dinner and store-bought cookies, while his lover, Drake, spends the holiday traveling for business. But a special delivery changes everything, and Evan finds himself in the middle of a perfect Christmas. Worn out from his stocking stuffer, Evan's not sure how he's going to handle his present, but when Drake reveals that Evan's gift is a threesome with none other than their hunky friend Mike, Evan summons the energy!

4 Reasons to Read:
Reason #1: There's a threesome. :-P
Reason #2: Holiday warmth and happiness between a loving couple. And a threesome.
Reason #3: It's a feel good story that'll reaffirm your faith in partnerships. And there's a threesome.
Reason #4: Did I mention the threesome??

Buy Link: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-perfectchristmas-489162-145.html

Author Site: http://www.dcjuris.com/

* * * * * *

Elizabeth's Wish List: Dancing on Flames (Wildsworn Series, Book 1) by J.S. Wayne


In the aftermath of a raid on a band of child slavers, Russell and Ion of the Chosen of Fenrir find themselves baring their hearts and souls—and their bodies—to one another. In doing so, they violate one of their clan's most sacred laws: Look not to your own kind for love.

Now, one will lay his life on the line on the Path of the Flame Dance, where the Earth Mother will judge whether the love they have is worthy—or a betrayal of their own blood. The other must watch as his lover walks the fire, or perishes in the attempt.

Stand or fall, the two warriors will never be the same . . . .


It has werewolves!!! Tell me a book has shifters of any kind, and you have my interest. But this book is also by J.S. Wayne, therefor it is guaranteed to be an excellent read.

(I feel I should point out that if I was allowed to spend all my money on e/books, and I hadn't made a promise to myself to not buy any more books until I am down to 2 books on my tbr pile . . . . Well, I would have bought every book on this wish list so far.)

And it is for those two reasons that I have no yet soothed my craving to read all of J.S' books. Every book that this guy writes is on my wish list, even his WIP's are on my wish list. Yeah, you read right; His story ideas are that cool, and sound that awesome, that I have already decided to buy the books he hasn't read yet.

So if you love werewolves, and some action and hot romance - it has flames in the title and too lovely men, hotness is guaranteed ;-P - then you should totally check this book out!

Buy Link: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/366/Dancing-on-Flames

Author Site: http://jswayne.wordpress.com/

* * * * * *

Elizabeth's Wish List: Bond with me (Fallen, Book 1) by Anne Marsh


Fallen angels...They rule Moscow's seedy underworld, promising untold pleasure to the females who dare to mate them. That promise-and Brends Duranov's own raw sexual power-has hopefuls mobbing the velvet rope outside his elite club G2's. But Mischka Baran has no intention of hooking up with one of the Fallen. Not even after Brends gives her an unforgettable taste of the sin and seduction he can deliver with those wicked lips. She's after information, not a stint as some Goblin's toy of the month. What she doesn't know is that with a sadistic killer carving up his brethren, Brends is playing for keeps, hunting the one woman whose bloodline can end the mayhem, whose bond can restore his lost wings.


I read Anne Marsh's debut novel - The Hunt - and I have to say I rather enjoyed it. So, when I read she was doing an angel story, I checked it out. And once I read that blurb and had a read of the free excerpt on her site... Well, I put it on my list.

It sounds sexy, and intriguing. Yet again, another awesome twist on fallen angels that I can't wait to get my hands on.

So if you like stories about naughty angels, you should definitely check this book out.

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/ / http://www.amazon.co.uk/

Author Site: http://annemarsh.wordpress.com/

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