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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My World Guest Interview: DB Moon

Today I am interviewing the awesome DB Moon . . . .

EM: Welcome to My World, DB. It is lovely to have you here again! : -)
DB: Thank you so much for having me here again! I had such a blast the first time around!

EM: I'm so glad!

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure, my name is Desi Moon- I am a writer, dog trainer (Almost all of my stories have at least one dog mentioned) and a Project Runway junkie.

I am living the fractured fairy tale with my wonderful husband Eben, who is a board game designer and a writer as well (Helps to have another creative neurotic in the house)

My family includes two great kids who keep me on my toes (mentally and physically) three entitled cats, and one issue plagued but none the less loveable dog.

1. How long have you been writing for?

For as long as I can remember, really. In High School I entered writing and poetry contests. I was the freak always carrying around a notebook jotting down story ideas and poems.

2. Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?

Yes, but then life happened and it took several years to get back on the writing path.

3. What is your favourite genre to read? To write? And why?

I am an eclectic reader and will read anything that strikes my fancy. My favorite books run from fantasy (Mists of Avalon) to gritty crime (The Godfather) to Romance (Wuthering Heights)

EM: JANE EYRE! Ahem... sorry. I love Jane Eyre, but I think Wuthering Heights is wonderful.

As far as my writing goes, everything has a touch of romance to it. I think it is the magic of it all, the racing heart, the shallow breath, the unknown of what lies ahead, the vulnerability of it all. The beauty of writing romance is I am not locked into one plot point- I love the variety sub-genres offer me.

4. How do you get your ideas?

I am inspired by EVERYTHING!!!!! With my debut novel Summerland it was standing in line at the grocery story.

With my upcoming short story My Humiliating Valentine, it came from a favorite writing exercise. I was handed a bag with five random objects and told to write a story.

Accidental Intent started out with nothing more than a phone conversation I had. Most of the conversation is in the first chapter.

5. In your opinion what is the hardest part of the writing process?

Editing- Definitely editing!!!!! There is no creativity to it, it is the tediousness of it all. But I do it (Grudgingly) to make sure the story is the best it can be. Hey speaking of editing *wink* any word on the She-Wolf sequel???

EM: Oy. Tell me about it. Editing is my kryptonite. Hate it, but I of course get it done so everything is shiny and great.

Cranberry Blood is still being edited. We're looking at - and hoping for - the release being early 2012. When I know, you will know. And believe me, I will be screaming it all over the place the instant I know the date. So, you will definitely know ;-P

6. Are you a planner or a panster?

Oh pantser hands down!!!!! I have always been the first to admit my characters tell the story, I merely take dictation. Accidental Intent was supposed to be another contemporary romance, then one of my characters found a dead body and my “hero” turned out to be a cop- Ugh, I tell ya, keeping up with them some days is exhausting!

EM: I find gagging them works sometimes... *stares at characters lurking in the corner*

7. Do you prefer to concentrate on one story, or juggle a few?

I had always been a writing monogamist, but lately I have been juggling my writing duties (Three different manuscripts), and I am finding polygamy is not as difficult as I imagined it to be.

8. Tell us about one of the most favourable scene you have written.

Well without giving too much away- There is a scene in Accidental Intent that kind of gives me a giggle. Lucy (My protagonist) is caught indulging in an SSB (Secret Single Behavior) the result is flying food, a lot of profanity followed by a bit of “bodice ripping”

EM: Oh, Bodice ripping... Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays? ;-P

9. Out of all the characters you have created, who is your favourite and why?

*Disclaimer* That is kind of like asking me to choose my favorite child! Can’t do it, they are all so unique.

OK That being said, I would have to say Genie from Summerland. She is such a nosy busy body that really doesn’t let anything slide. Oh yeah and she is an amazing cook. *Checking notecards* Oh oops, Genie just wanted me to mention her kindness and cooking skills. I added the nosy busybody part myself, guess I’ll have to apologize later.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

I am currently working on an untitled romantic murder mystery,

A contemporary romance Countdown to Bliss (The title has changed four times, might change again, check my blog for latest title updates.) and another short for Rebel Ink Press called For the Love of Mac.

Do you have any current release?

I have a short story coming out. “My Humiliating Valentine” will be released in the Tempting Cupid Anthology- Rebel Ink Press February 2012


Miranda Vincent awoke the morning after Valentine’s Day- in jail- with no memory of the night before, a long list of charges against her, and a very scary cellmate. Her only way out is to put her trust in a handsome stranger.

Any upcoming releases?

Accidental Intent my first romantic murder mystery will be out Spring 2012, through Rebel Ink Press as well.


The most exciting thing to happen to Lucy recently is the new flavor of coffee at the Howling Moon Cafe, but when her best friend stumbles upon a dead body, a new coffee is the least of Lucy’s concerns.

The seemingly quiet life that Lucy has grown to love unravels the moment her on again/off again lover begins to imagine a relationship that doesn’t exist. It grows even more complicated when she meets Nicolai Petrovski, a handsome detective who makes her blood boil, her knees weak, and her fingers itch to grab a fistful of jet-black hair.

When Lucy finds her name on the killer’s short list of victims, her first concern is for her furry four- legged family. Her second is for the closely guarded secret hidden in the back of her closet.

Between conference calls and coffee dates with her best friends, Lucy wades through the complicated world of love, honor, betrayal and the allure of a very hot man. But is there enough coffee to keep her one step ahead of the killer and as far away from Nicolai as she can get?

Where can readers find you on the Internet?

I am lurking everywhere!

Check my blog for updates, contests and general sauciness http://dbmoonauthor.blogspot.com/

Check out my Facebook Author Page: Desi Moon Author

You can follow me on Twitter: DBMoonbook

And I can be found on Goodreads

Any advice you would like to give aspiring writers?

Don’t give up! Thousands of people talk about writing a book, only a handful of those people actually accomplish it. If you want to do it- quit talking and start writing!

EM: Thank you so much for joining me, DB! :-D

DB: Thank you so much for having me!!! I always have such a blast hanging out with you!

EM: Then you will just have to come back some time in 2012!  ^_^ I'm glad you had fun!

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  1. Thank you so much for playing 20 questions with me, DB! :-D