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Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's oh so quiet . . .

. . . Or at least it has been.
My quietness is only due to the fact that I'm concentrating on new projects at the moment.

With all the craziness going on in my personal life last year a severe case of procrastination struck, and I mean severe. Despite toying with ideas, and planning certain projects I am ashamed to say I didn't get a lot of writing done after May 2011. I am the type of person who will get down on myself if I don't remain active, which naturally didn't help, and led to more procrastination. *Shakes head* Major time suck, and a kick in the ass.

I can honestly say that despite the suckage of last year, and the fact I had to pull out of a project that was important to me, I must have needed that - idiotic - amount of time out from writing. I don't like to even acknowledge the fact, but sometimes the mind needs a rest. Sometimes it is possible to actually hit a wall, and burn everything out.

The good news is my muse is starting to cooperate, my mind is working, and my batteries are recharged. Thankfully I am back on the ball. So, if I am ever silent please don't think I have fallen off the face of the planet, and forgot about y'all. I haven't. I'm just throwing myself back in to my projects.

So, what has been going on across January, until now . . . .

Razel Dazzle is now available for purchase from Amazon.

Myself, and the awesome Dianna Hardy have opened up our own cyber hangout - Not Just a Stiff Upper Lip - so we can discuss all things sexy, paranormal and on a lot of occasions British. We would love for you to come and hang with us every Monday and Thursday :-)

I was over at Bodacious Babes Book Buds the other day talking about The Collector, what makes a scene sexy for me, and who I would choose to have dinner with out of everyone in the entire world. Plus there is an excerpt up from The Collector!

Progress Report -

I'm waiting for edits for Cranberry Blood (The Blood Series Book 1) - She-Wolf Sequel. As soon as I have them, and any news y'all will know.

I have submitted Stepping Stones, my sweet contemporary romance novella to my editor, and I am waiting to hear back about that.

I also submitted a short story titled Nixie on the Rocks to the Smut by the Sea Anthology. For any interested authors the deadline is June 1st so there is plenty of time to get a saucy seaside submission in. If you're interested just pop on over to - http://smutbythesea.co.uk/the-anthology/ - for details.

Two years ago I co-authored a young adult futuristic romance book titled, Watermaker, with a friend of mine. We spent the week after Christmas tweaking and polishing that manuscript, and I sent it on over to Noble Youth early January.

So, I am currently waiting to hear back about three stories as well as waiting for edits. . . I am so not a patient person. *Paces*

Works in Progress -

I've hit a wall with two of my current projects - Charged & Bait. These two stories are set in the same world, and revolve around four main characters. I'm loving the world, and the characters and the history, but it is rather heavy. So I'm taking a break from them in hope that I can loosen the knots.

I have two secret projects in my head at the moment. I don't know which one will get my attention first, or if I'm going to try juggling, but 'm very excited about them both. So, more on that when I have carved both the plots in stone.


Don't forget to check out the interview with Abby-Rae Rose. If you leave her a comment you can be in with a chance of winning a copy of her book "Captain's Virgin Fantasy." Competition ends on Wednesday 22nd Feb.

I have free DVD rental at the moment! Mwahahaha! So I've been going nuts renting all the new movies.

Priest - Futuristic paranormal movie, where kick-ass vampire slayers known as priests . . . kick vampire ass. It's a little punkish/cowboyish/sci-fi and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

Fright Night - Despite thinking the original was cheesy, I have always liked this film, and the new one was awesome. Funnier, sexier and the leading geeky male . . . well, he kicks-ass, but you'll have to watch to see why.

Footloose - Yet again, the original was cheesy, but I love Kevin Bacon and it was a good movie. The new Footloose ROCKS! Unlike the new fame which, I personally think could have been a lot better, the director has stuck to the original Footloose storyline. All the awesome lines are still in the film, and they kept the three key songs, but just modernized and styled them - Hero. Let’s hear it for the boy, and Footloose. Everyone just needs to watch it, because it's just fab.

Tonight I watched Cowboys VS Aliens, and it was interesting. I loved Daniel Craig - but then I do in general - and Harrison Ford made a wicked cowboy, but I don't think I'd buy it. But, it was different, and original and would be definitely worth watching at least once, particularly if you want a nice shot of a topless Daniel ;-)

So, that's everything that has been going on for the first six weeks of 2012. I promise I'm still here just getting my head down and writing my butt off.

How's your 2012 been so far?

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