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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A love letter from a memory

Dear Darling,

Today someone asked me where my favourite place in the whole world was. They asked me where I went when I feel sad, or if I wanted to relax? I told them I wasn't sure, but in truth I actually found my perfect place when I met you.

My perfect place rests between your hands; that space between your chest and fingertips where I fit so perfectly. I feel safe with your arms acting as my barricade.

It’s in the way my body closes around you, and how it pulls you in. The want for you is always so strong, and the withdrawal is agony; a form of loss that leaves me petrified and makes me feel foolish at the same time.

This is perfection; Feeling safe and warm as I’m trapped against you. I count the smile lines that mark your skin, and watch your reaction to everything around you. I could watch you for hours, and to me, you hold more beauty and interest than the setting sun or the magical moon.

You make me feel perfect. Every time your hot breath skates over my damp skin, and your mouth presses against my nape. When your teeth brand my flesh and you say all of those things that are meant for such moments.

Watching the twist of pleasure claiming your features, as your eyes turn to dark pools - I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. I can’t imagine anything more wonderful then in the way our bodies slide against each other or the exquisite sound of our breathing as it twists into an exotic lullaby. I can only concentrate on the texture of your skin and the taste of you on my lips as the scent of you cocoons me.

To me perfection is your laughter; your voice. You are my perfect place. The fortress I need when things are bad. You are strength, comfort and passion all rolled in to one.

You’re my best friend, and there is nothing more wonderful than the feeling of hearing you say that you love me, because what is more perfect than knowing love?

What could be more perfect than being locked in the place where love is?

You are my world, and my everything.

Forever yours.

~ * ~

May you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day whether you be single, married or anywhere between. Gifts are lovely gestures, and in my honest opinion, we don’t need a reminder to celebrate love and appreciate our other half’s, but that is what today is for.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love! So y’all go crazy and romance the hell out of each other!

For anyone who is single like me, I find a box of chocolates and a glass of wine is perfection with a good couple of Rom Coms. My top 3 suggestions:-

The Proposal – if you love yourself some Ryan Reynolds.

Leap Year – if you love yourself some Irish romance. (Plus this is a leap year.)

When Harry met Sally – because you can’t beat a classic

Personally, I'm watching the new Fright Night tonight. :-P Y'all have fun!

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